‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Review

By Vivien Pong Inside Llewyn Davis tells the story of a cranky and cynical folk musician, Llewyn Davis, (played by Oscar Isaac) struggling to make his way in the world. The movie quickly turns into Davis’ journey to find his friend’s cat. His life and career are leading nowhere and he is broke and homeless. Llewyn lives on friends’ couches, specifically the Gorfeins’, an older and … Continue reading ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Review

Shorts Program 4 : Unique Worlds Review

By Vivien Pong and Nicole Koehn Fred : The Town Dog      This short directed by Ava Lowrey follows an interesting tale of how one dog brings a whole town together. Taking place in small town Rockford, Alabama, it showcases the directors love for the small town simple life and where a whole town can be brought together for a common goal which happened … Continue reading Shorts Program 4 : Unique Worlds Review

Festival Award Shorts 2 Review

By Nicole Koehn and Vivien Pong German Shepherd     This animated film, directed by Nils Bergendal (Sweden), was based off of an interview with David, the son of a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Bergendal decided to animate the film in a simplistic manor to keep the audience focused on such a heavy topic. The film itself brings up many ideas and thoughts on how the Holocaust still … Continue reading Festival Award Shorts 2 Review

Belle Review

By Vivien Pong Belle is a beautifully shot costume-drama based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy admiral. Set in 18th century England, Belle is raised by her aristocratic great-uncle, Lord Chief Justice Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) and his wife (Emily Watson). Though she is brought up with love and given all the luxuries of … Continue reading Belle Review