“Blank Space” Music Video Released

By: Desiree Williams Taylor Swift recently announced her move to the pop genre, leaving her country roots behind. This is evident in her latest album, 1989, which has a more mature and edgy sound than her previous releases. “Blank Space”, with its strong beats, catchy lyrics, and accompanying music video emulates this transition. The video especially shows this evolution because it is not fun and upbeat … Continue reading “Blank Space” Music Video Released

Taylor Swift Giveth and Taketh Away

By Tyler Clark      In 2014, where streaming is more popular than digital downloads and physical album sales, it’s almost dangerous to remove your entire catalogue off of Spotify. Yet, Taylor Swift did just that on Monday. After Spotify was displeased with Taylor for not making her fifth studio album, 1989, available for streaming the same day it was release, her entire catalogue was … Continue reading Taylor Swift Giveth and Taketh Away

Taylor Swift – ‘1989’ Album Review

By Tyler Clark      2014 has been a dismal year for record sales. No album released in 2014 has reached platinum status, meaning they haven’t sold over a million copies. This the first time this has happened since the Recording Industry Association of America introduced the platinum certification in 1976. The top 3 selling albums of 2014 were all released last year and even … Continue reading Taylor Swift – ‘1989’ Album Review

Taylor Swift’s Transition to Pop Music 

By Tyler Clark Taylor Swift and country music have had a more strenuous relationship than she has with many of her ex-boyfriends. While there was no denying that she was a country artist when she and her guitar burst onto the scene in 2006, her authenticity since has been argued by everyone with an opinion. 2012’s Red led to an outcry after it was nominated for country … Continue reading Taylor Swift’s Transition to Pop Music