Opinion: “This Town” single

By Caroline Meister Since December 2015, One Direction has been on a hiatus, which only makes sense due to nonstop touring and a crazy recording scheduling since 2011. They promised fans that it was only a break and that they’d be back; it’s not the end. The verdict is still out on that, but with rumors of the boys individually signing to record companies and the release of … Continue reading Opinion: “This Town” single

Opinion: The Importance of Movie Posters

By: Andrew Haas Movie marketing has exploded over the years. In today’s Internet culture, it’s easy for people to get excited over promotional material like trailers, TV spots, and clips. But there’s another important part of marketing that has been there since the beginning that is now being seen as an afterthought: the poster. Many people today view them as little more than a still … Continue reading Opinion: The Importance of Movie Posters

Opinion: A Rebirth of Rock n’ Roll

By: John Van Dam After Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, The Arctic Monkeys, and many other incredible, modern, british sounds, London’s newest musical gift takes us back to a more glamorous and edgy attitude. The new, must-see, british band is The Struts. The band consists of four members, each bringing different styles and personalities to the stage. Jed Elliot slapping the bass and jumping around on … Continue reading Opinion: A Rebirth of Rock n’ Roll