Opinion: The Importance of Movie Posters

By: Andrew Haas Movie marketing has exploded over the years. In today’s Internet culture, it’s easy for people to get excited over promotional material like trailers, TV spots, and clips. But there’s another important part of marketing that has been there since the beginning that is now being seen as an afterthought: the poster. Many people today view them as little more than a still … Continue reading Opinion: The Importance of Movie Posters

Opinion: A Rebirth of Rock n’ Roll

By: John Van Dam After Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, The Arctic Monkeys, and many other incredible, modern, british sounds, London’s newest musical gift takes us back to a more glamorous and edgy attitude. The new, must-see, british band is The Struts. The band consists of four members, each bringing different styles and personalities to the stage. Jed Elliot slapping the bass and jumping around on … Continue reading Opinion: A Rebirth of Rock n’ Roll

Netflix Recommendation of the Week: Nightcrawler

By: Lydia Lucas Netflix houses an immense library of films, which can be overwhelming. You can scroll for twenty minutes and not find anything that catches your interest. Well, look no further, because I have a film for you. Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, should be on the top of your must watch list. Nothing beats a good crime thriller, and this film takes the genre … Continue reading Netflix Recommendation of the Week: Nightcrawler

Why The Following shouldn’t be picked up by Netflix.

By Austin Keller Don’t get me wrong, I am an avid fan of Fox’s first season of The Following. The show brought a new spin to the typical procedural crime drama; dedicating half, if not most of the show developing the criminal characters and making them indispensable to a week-by-week plot. The Following was heavily serialized, and gained much controversy over its glorification of violence, … Continue reading Why The Following shouldn’t be picked up by Netflix.

Top 5 Pixar Movies Most Likely to Make You Cry

        By Cassandra Eiler With the approach of Pixar’s upcoming film, Inside Out, I wanted to take a look back at some previous Pixar movies. My reasoning behind this stems from the level of emotion I can already predict from Inside Out. The second trailer was recently released, allowing more of the story to unfold. These additional details spark additional emotions: Joy, … Continue reading Top 5 Pixar Movies Most Likely to Make You Cry

Gone Girl: Book Vs. Film

        By Cassandra Eiler David Fincher’s Gone Girl experienced much success and gained a great amount of popular attention after its release in October of 2014. The movie continued to receive praise around the Academy Award buzz, as Rosamund Pike was one of the nominees for Actress in a Leading Role. Although Julianne Moore ended up with the Oscar, many fans still … Continue reading Gone Girl: Book Vs. Film

Twilight Never Dies

By: Desiree Williams  The Twilight saga is a book series written by Stephenie Meyer, centered on Bella Swan, the human protagonist, and the mysterious Edward Cullen. After discovering that Edward is a vampire, but falling in love anyway, the couple must find a way to conquer the numerous obstacles that complicate their relationship. The Twilight fandom did not develop automatically, but came about slowly. However, it spread fast. The series … Continue reading Twilight Never Dies