Panic! At the Disco New Releases

By: Nicole Koehn With the announcement of their new album, Death Of A Bachelor, Panic! At The Disco has been nothing short of busy. After releasing two single off the album, “Hallelujah” and “Victorious” Panic shared the news of their fifth studio album with the release of “Emperor’s New Clothes”, along with its music video that same day. Ever since then the group has been … Continue reading Panic! At the Disco New Releases

Shorts Program 4 : Unique Worlds Review

By Vivien Pong and Nicole Koehn Fred : The Town Dog      This short directed by Ava Lowrey follows an interesting tale of how one dog brings a whole town together. Taking place in small town Rockford, Alabama, it showcases the directors love for the small town simple life and where a whole town can be brought together for a common goal which happened … Continue reading Shorts Program 4 : Unique Worlds Review

Festival Award Shorts 2 Review

By Nicole Koehn and Vivien Pong German Shepherd     This animated film, directed by Nils Bergendal (Sweden), was based off of an interview with David, the son of a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Bergendal decided to animate the film in a simplistic manor to keep the audience focused on such a heavy topic. The film itself brings up many ideas and thoughts on how the Holocaust still … Continue reading Festival Award Shorts 2 Review

‘The Referee’ Review

By Nicole Koehn The Referee directed by Paolo Zucca (Italy, Argentina), follows the multiple plot lines of a professional soccer referee, a blind trainer, an underdog team, and family feud. The film is completely black and white which aids in the somewhat confusing transitions, as the black and white makes it hard to distinguish the change in locations.      Also the multiple subplots could … Continue reading ‘The Referee’ Review