Review: Aquaman

By Tiara Spells 2017 was a strange year for the DCEU. The Summer’s Wonder Woman was hugely successful, making over $800 million dollars worldwide, women and girls all over the world dressed as Diana Prince for Halloween, and even for myself I remember bursting in to watch it because seeing a woman be strong, heroic, and fierce was something that was so overwhelming that it … Continue reading Review: Aquaman

Review: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

By Michael Smith *Warning: Major Spoilers For Black Mirror: Bandersnatch* Black Mirror. Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi thriller series has taken Netflix and the world by storm and the latest installment is no different. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch released December 28th last year and has sent many people down the rabbit hole. Bandersnatch focuses on a young programmer, Stefan, pitching and then creating a video game based off … Continue reading Review: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Review

By Ben Cramer Dallas Buyers Club, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, stars Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof, a Texan with a passion for rodeos, women, and drugs. On a fateful day in 1985, an accident at work forces him to go the hospital, where doctors (one of them played by Jennifer Garner) diagnose Ron with HIV and tell him he has 30 days to live. He finds himself ostracized … Continue reading ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Review

Assassins’ Creed Movie Announced

By Aly Bartholomew Yes, gamers, it is true. An Assassin’s Creed movie is currently in pre-production and it is predicted to be in theatres in the summer of 2015. For fans of the exciting video game series, this is great news to say the least.     According to, fans are excited for this movie’s potential but also a little worried, considering the track record … Continue reading Assassins’ Creed Movie Announced