Review: ‘Bill Nye: Science Guy’

By Josie Underhill Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye the Science Guy! The scientist who swept the nation is back. This time he’s here to make the world a better place starting with his new documentary. In Bill Nye: Science Guy, Bill Nye struggles to bring science to fact deniers. But first, the film starts with a look at the start of Nye’s … Continue reading Review: ‘Bill Nye: Science Guy’

Review: ‘Tatterdamelion’

By Josie Underhill As children, most people are scared of the monster hiding in their closets, but as we grow up we are told that monsters don’t exist. At the Heartland Film Festival making its premiere, the film Tatterdemalion contracts this belief, as a woman is told that she has brought a demon into her house. Tatterdemalion is about a woman named Fern returning from … Continue reading Review: ‘Tatterdamelion’