‘Produce’ Heartland Film Festival Q&A

By Isaac Whatley Another successful night at the Heartland Film Festival was marked by the appearance of Actor David DeSanctis and Producer Milan Chakraborty at their new film, and Heartland Feature, Produce. This heartwarming film tells the story of a young man with down syndrome named Produce who befriends a retried Major League baseball player. Fans of the film could feel the heartwarming nature of … Continue reading ‘Produce’ Heartland Film Festival Q&A

‘Siddharth’ Review

By Isaac Whatley The Heartland Film Festival is, without a doubt, an incredibly special experience for anyone who calls the Midwest home. It is a platform for big stories to return to small towns. Keeping with Heartland’s mission to inspire filmmakers and audiences, festival award-winner Siddharth did just that. Siddharth tells the story of a persistent father, Mehendra, who gives his everything as he searches … Continue reading ‘Siddharth’ Review

‘All-Stars’ Review

By Isaac Whatley      In the world of little league sports, it’s not uncommon to find inexperienced players, determined coaches, and parents that are more passionate than the athletes. InAll Starswe find all of these things and more as the film tells the story of new ten-and-under softball league and the comical adventures that come along with it.      The films opens with … Continue reading ‘All-Stars’ Review

‘The Drop Box’ Review

By Isaac Whatley The city of Seoul, South Korea and many other eastern highly-populated cities have a growing problem; babies are being abandoned. In a culture where births from unwed mothers are considered shameful and the cost of raising a child is too much to bear, often times mothers must experience the shame and hurt of leaving their child at someone else’s doorstep, where in … Continue reading ‘The Drop Box’ Review

‘American Real: The Forrest Lucas Story’ Review

By Isaac Whatley       Forrest Lucas is a man who redefined the motor oil industry by bringing nearly two-hundred new quality oil products into the market. Through determination and hard work, he built a name for himself when he founded Lucas Oil Products, a company that is recognized across the globe.  American Real: The Forrest Lucas Story is the epitome of films one … Continue reading ‘American Real: The Forrest Lucas Story’ Review