Season 13, Episode 2

Welcome to The Reel Deal, where this week we are premiering our new Segment Producers. This episode we have the Hollywood Headline, a Trailer Watch, Rihanna’s new makeup line Fenty Beauty, American Horror Story: Cult, Star Wars news, the boy-band Brockhampton, and an Under the Radar. Also, don’t forget to check out the Reel Deal website for our Web Exclusives, which this week include Bob Ross and … Continue reading Season 13, Episode 2

Artist Spotlight: blackbear

By Caroline Meister If you’ve seen blackbear anywhere, it’s probably on Twitter. The musician is almost famous for his relatable depressing tweets about, what else? Love. But the once-punk rocker turned rapper should also be famous for his songs. His new release, digital druglord, is an intricate compilation of love songs, screw you songs, and some songs that you can just groove to. I listened to the album … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: blackbear

List: ‘The Originals’ Seasons Ranked Best to Worst

By Troi Watts Every TV show has its ups and downs. Ideally a successful show is consistent with its interesting plots, believable character development, and overall entertainment. The Originals is not one of these shows. If you’re considering watching this Vampire Diaries spin-off, you should be aware that it is a rollercoaster with examples of both brilliant plots and annoying inconsistencies, causing certain seasons to be less … Continue reading List: ‘The Originals’ Seasons Ranked Best to Worst

Review: ‘Okja’

By Quentin Basnaw So a young girl has a giant pig monster for a friend. The unsavory corporation that created the monster (named Okja) wants the monster. The ALF (Animal Liberation Front), a group that dresses like insurgents but only care about saving animals, wants to save the monster. A TV reality spokesperson wants to make money off the monster. A woman wants to prove … Continue reading Review: ‘Okja’