Top 5 Non-Superhero Movies To See This Summer

By: Julia Ricci Superhero-action-monster movies tend to dominate the summer box office every year. If you’re anything like me, sometimes you need an alternative to the usual popcorn pics filled with explosions and mass destruction. So, give your fried brain a chance to simmer down with these five alternatives to the summer blockbuster: 5. Magic in the Moonlight (July 25)      Set in 1920s France, … Continue reading Top 5 Non-Superhero Movies To See This Summer

Chef Review

By: Vivien Pong      Chef is hands-down one of the best films I have seen this year. At the end of the film, one could feel the entire audience smiling. Now that it’s returning to theaters this weekend in a wide-release, you can’t—and shouldn’t—miss it.      Chef has something for everyone: comedy, (some) romance, a stellar cast, and of course, tons and tons of food. … Continue reading Chef Review