Top 5 Pixar Movies Most Likely to Make You Cry

        By Cassandra Eiler With the approach of Pixar’s upcoming film, Inside Out, I wanted to take a look back at some previous Pixar movies. My reasoning behind this stems from the level of emotion I can already predict from Inside Out. The second trailer was recently released, allowing more of the story to unfold. These additional details spark additional emotions: Joy, … Continue reading Top 5 Pixar Movies Most Likely to Make You Cry

Gone Girl: Book Vs. Film

        By Cassandra Eiler David Fincher’s Gone Girl experienced much success and gained a great amount of popular attention after its release in October of 2014. The movie continued to receive praise around the Academy Award buzz, as Rosamund Pike was one of the nominees for Actress in a Leading Role. Although Julianne Moore ended up with the Oscar, many fans still … Continue reading Gone Girl: Book Vs. Film

Frog Baby Film Festival Recap

By Cassandra Eiler Friday night’s Frog Baby Film Festival experienced great success from the charisma, excitement, organization, and celebration of twenty-four creatively and artistically-made student films. Viewers and filmmakers alike seemed to enthusiastically embrace the red carpet theme, making Pruis lobby the place to be — complete with a green screen photo op along with live, red carpet coverage. The Ball State organizations responsible for … Continue reading Frog Baby Film Festival Recap