Artist Spotlight: The Killers

By Caroline Meister The Killers, infamous for their song “Mr. Brightside,” have become almost a “joke” band, a la Nickelback. In my opinion, this a royal shame because The Killers are a band with strong instrumentalists, impressive songwriters, and a large range of style. The Killers were formed in 2001 in Las Vegas and originally consisted of lead singer Brandon Flowers, lead guitarist Dave Keuning, … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: The Killers

Review: Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’

By Caroline Meister I love Ed Sheeran. I’ve been a huge fan of him ever since he was the songwriter behind my favorite One Direction songs. So, you can imagine my excitement when he announced he would be coming back to the music world after a prolonged hiatus with his new album, Divide. Divide is more than I could have ever hoped for from Ed. It’s … Continue reading Review: Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’

List: 10 Songs You Probably Didn’t Know are About Mental Illnesses

By Caroline Meister 1.     “Addict With A Pen” by Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots are well-known for their very direct approach to discussing mental illnesses in their songs. That’s one of the reasons why they’re so popular: they’re honest. For me, this song really portrays depression in one of the most realistic ways. Its lyrics discuss how someone has been distant and trapped … Continue reading List: 10 Songs You Probably Didn’t Know are About Mental Illnesses

List: Top 5 Hoodie Allen Songs

By Caroline Meister I know what you’re thinking: “Caroline, you don’t seem like the type person to listen to rap music.” And you would be right, but I like to break stereotypes. So with that said, below are my top five Hoodie Allen songs. 1.     “No Interruption” (Acoustic) This is my favorite Hoodie Allen song. There’s no argument. It was the first song I … Continue reading List: Top 5 Hoodie Allen Songs

Review: As It Is’ ‘Okay’

By Caroline Meister As It Is, a pop punk band hailing from Brighton, England, has been making waves across the pond with the release of their new album, okay. The album, which was just released on January 20th, has already amassed a lot of positive attention on itunes; nearly every single review or rating has more than four stars. I’ve been fan of these guys … Continue reading Review: As It Is’ ‘Okay’

List: Ten Songs For All The Single People On Valentine’s Day

By Caroline Meister Valentine’s Day is almost here! Which means a lot of sweet gestures and overall feelings of happiness… unless you’re single. Then all you want to do is binge-watch The Office for the 100th time and eat Doritos (or maybe that’s just me). Either way, here are some songs to drown out all the love. 1.     “Fake Love” by Drake Any Drake song … Continue reading List: Ten Songs For All The Single People On Valentine’s Day