Review: Heartland Shorts Program 1 (Indiana Spotlight)

By Brandon Kratkoczki Hoosier pride! Hoo boy! I love the big corn state! I love the triangle vroom vrooms that go in 500 circles a year and no more! I have fond memories of going to our booming, candy-coated state capital! Have you ever sat down and thought of all of the famous people from Indiana, like California Joe and Colorado Susan? In all seriousness, … Continue reading Review: Heartland Shorts Program 1 (Indiana Spotlight)

Review: ‘The Mad Whale’

By Brandon Kratkoczki Finally.   I’ve been waiting all of Heartland 2017 for something to hit me the way The Mad Whale hit me. Don’t get me wrong, there have been several films over the course of the festival that I have really enjoyed. Heartland is a wonderful festival filled with inspirational stories and engaging narratives, but I was waiting for a sucker punch. I … Continue reading Review: ‘The Mad Whale’

Review: ‘The Gamble House’

By Brandon Kratkoczki I had to wait in the rush line to get my Gamble House ticket, which means that they had sold out the screening and were getting together a second theater so that more audiences would be able to see it. I was intrigued: everyone was really pooping his or her pants about this documentary about old-school architecture, huh? This screening is gonna … Continue reading Review: ‘The Gamble House’

Review: ‘Blank 13’

By Brandon Kratkoczki The title of Blank 13 refers to the number of years our main character’s father has been absent from his life. Their reconnection, unfortunately, is brought about by the father’s declining health at the hands of cancer. With this film, first-time director Takumi Saito has created a beautifully told story, one of heartbreak, loss, and finding something that represents forgiveness. Though the … Continue reading Review: ‘Blank 13’

Review: Pushing Dead

By Brandon Kratkoczki It’s often said that tragedy is the greatest source of comedy. This can be somewhat applied to Pushing Dead, though that’s not to say that this film laughs in the face of HIV/AIDS.  The film depicts people who don’t know how to do anything but laugh; they have no other coping method to help them get through the incredibly difficult situation that … Continue reading Review: Pushing Dead

Review: The Book of Love

By Brandon Kratkoczki The Book of Love is, more than any other descriptor that could be applied to a film, an indie film. Not just in the sense that it was independently produced by a smaller studio and its handy people; no, faithful readers, this is an indie movie with a capital I. A troubled, stone-faced white guy with an eccentric career, who had a quirky … Continue reading Review: The Book of Love