‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Review

By Ben Cramer Dallas Buyers Club, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, stars Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof, a Texan with a passion for rodeos, women, and drugs. On a fateful day in 1985, an accident at work forces him to go the hospital, where doctors (one of them played by Jennifer Garner) diagnose Ron with HIV and tell him he has 30 days to live. He finds himself ostracized … Continue reading ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Review

Summer Preview: What’s New In TV

By Ben Cramer Summer is just around the corner, and that means the end of another television season. With season finales coming out left and right, networks have already shown previews for summer shows. From NBC to FX to AMC and CBS to TNT to HBO, networks everywhere are ready to help fill the void left by fall and winter shows. With big names like Steven Soderbergh, Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Clive Owen, and Steven … Continue reading Summer Preview: What’s New In TV

The Best Acceptance Speeches of the 2014 Oscars

By Ben Cramer When it comes to Oscar Sunday, the acceptance speech is crucial. At times the pressure is so great that it seems as if the academy will take back the statue if the star falls short of perfection. The speech says much about a celebrity’s personality. With over 85 years of Academy Awards ceremonies, there are many extremely well-done speeches.    The shortest … Continue reading The Best Acceptance Speeches of the 2014 Oscars

Season 9 Episode 15 – Academy Awards Special

     The Academy Awards may have come and gone, but we’re not going to let them slip past unreviewed! Coming up in this golden statuette-filled episode we have a recap of this year’s ceremonies from Nicole Koehn, an evaluation of host Ellen DeGeneres’ handling of the night, a look at some of the more unsung categories with Ben Cramer, and much much more! Continue reading Season 9 Episode 15 – Academy Awards Special

House of Cards returns

By Ben Cramer Netflix – the wonderful video streaming service that fueled our culture’s golden age of television – has produced their own original shows this for the first time last year. Their premiere show was House of Cards, created by Beau Willimon (The Ides of March). The show originated from the works of British author Michael Dobbs, who in 1989 published a novel titled … Continue reading House of Cards returns

Season 9 Episode 4

     The world of entertainment news can be an overwhelming and confusing place, but have no fear. We’re here to guide you through it all, with your weekly Hollywood news update from Brad Morrison, an all-new Pilot Watch with Lydia Lucas, Ben Cramer’s review of “Gravity,” and much more. So please, remain in your seats until the program has come to a complete stop, … Continue reading Season 9 Episode 4