Frog Baby Film Festival Recap

By Cassandra Eiler Friday night’s Frog Baby Film Festival experienced great success from the charisma, excitement, organization, and celebration of twenty-four creatively and artistically-made student films. Viewers and filmmakers alike seemed to enthusiastically embrace the red carpet theme, making Pruis lobby the place to be — complete with a green screen photo op along with live, red carpet coverage. The Ball State organizations responsible for … Continue reading Frog Baby Film Festival Recap

Actor Spotlight: Lily James

By Kit Caldwell Walt Disney Pictures recently remade their beloved animated classic, Cinderella, into a live-action film to release March 13, 2015. Disney’s strict requirements for casting an actress to star as a Disney princess make competing for the role tough. So who was the lucky woman awarded Cinderella’s role?         None other than the beautiful Lily James. Lily James was born … Continue reading Actor Spotlight: Lily James

After the Oscars

By Kit Caldwell The 87th Academy Awards were a few weeks ago, and there is still much to discuss. But most importantly did anyone notice the number of politically fueled acceptance speeches? Speeches included comments about immigration, suicide, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and democracy. One concern in particular has drawn a lot of attention. Issues about sexism and women’s rights were brought up during and before the red carpet.   … Continue reading After the Oscars

Policy Review

By Brier Stucky  Will Butler’s solo debut Policy is not far from his work with Arcade Fire, where he acts as a keyboardist and guitarist. Comparisons will be drawn between Butler’s past work and his solo work, which is understandable considering the similarities between the two. Both have a definitive indie rock sound as well as elements of pop and art rock music. Ultimately, Policyis … Continue reading Policy Review

SoundCloud Treasures Week 1: House

By Patrick Doss         Isn’t everything better when it is free? I especially feel this way when it comes to music. Therefore, starting this week, I am writing a series of articles that highlight some of the beast treasures SoundCloud has to offer. Each week will focus on a different genre of music, so you can start building a library of amazing, and truly … Continue reading SoundCloud Treasures Week 1: House

Artist Spotlight: Rainn Wilson

By Daley Wilhelm Most of Ball State has plans for tonight, since THE Rainn Wilson will be gracing Emen’s Auditorium this evening. Rainn Wilson is namely known for his role as Dwight Schrute from The Office, a character that certainly leaves an impression with his intense attitude and superiority complex, in spite of his general gullibility. Memorable for his mustard-colored shirts, Dwight is perhaps the … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Rainn Wilson

Top 5 Netflix Additions: Winter 2014

By Julia Ricci It’s the middle of winter and it’s way too cold to consider leaving the house, so Netflix has become your new best friend. However you’ve already gone through every film in your queue and binge-watched the first two seasons of Scandal—twice. Luckily, a ton of movies has been released on Netflix Instant to give you something to help beat the winter blues. Here … Continue reading Top 5 Netflix Additions: Winter 2014

Turner Classic Movies’ 20th Anniversary

By Julia Ricci Classic films have been a part of my life since my mother and grandmother introduced me to movie musicals when I was three years old. At the time, I was terrified of most Disney movies (those villains were creepy!), so films like The Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, and The Music Man provided me with an entertainment escape without giving me nightmares.     … Continue reading Turner Classic Movies’ 20th Anniversary