Review: Guacamelee! 2

By Angelo Auriemma The original Guacamelee! is Juan of my favorite metroidvania games – a smart, charming, and funny experience that made a lasting impact on me for its gorgeous art design, often underrepresented Mexican setting, and its colorful, irreverent humor. The game didn’t take itself seriously, and I loved that. It possessed a fun, energetic temperament, setting it apart from the grim and downbeat … Continue reading Review: Guacamelee! 2

Review: Florence

By: Angelo Auriemma God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 are my two favorite games of 2018. Both feature lengthy, dialogue-heavy campaigns accompanied with explosive and motivated uses of violence to explore the darker sides of humanity and what it takes to achieve redemption for your past, horrific deeds. While both of these titles have rightfully garnered universal acclaim and commercial success, two other … Continue reading Review: Florence

From the Vault Review: ‘Stand by Me’

By Angelo Auriemma Stand by Me is a classic. There is a reason it was featured at this year’s Heartland Film Festival. There is a reason it is held in high regard not only by millions of people, ranging from adolescents to retirees, but also by director Rob Reiner himself. The famed filmmaker claims that this film is his proudest project amongst an exceptional lineup, … Continue reading From the Vault Review: ‘Stand by Me’