Binge Watch Review: ‘Bojack Horseman’

By Louie Wieseman Back in the 90’s, he was on a very famous TV show. Now he’s the star of his own show again: Netflix’s Bojack Horseman. Among the Reel Deal staff, my love for this show is no secret. The show stars Bojack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnett) as a washed up reality TV star from his sitcom Horsin’ Around. His agent, Princess Carolyn … Continue reading Binge Watch Review: ‘Bojack Horseman’

Review: The 100 Season 4 Premiere

By Troi Watts Season 4 of The 100 finally premiered on February 1, hopefully to give viewers a glimpse of what is to come. Season 3 left viewers with a cliffhanger: the earth’s remaining nuclear reactors are in meltdown, meaning that the world will be uninhabitable in a matter of months; this is bad news for all of our favorite characters. With such a phenomenally intense previous season … Continue reading Review: The 100 Season 4 Premiere

Review: Walking Dead Midseason 7 Premiere

By Madyson McGill Warning! This review contains spoilers for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. Grab your favorite baseball bat and hold it dear because I’m about to take mine to the premiere. Don’t worry: it won’t end in as big of a mess as the season premiere. R.I.P Glenn and Abraham. You are still missed. So, the episode starts right where the mid-season … Continue reading Review: Walking Dead Midseason 7 Premiere

Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

By Troi Watts Movie lovers and fans of the series were all horrified when A Series of Unfortunate Events was released as a movie in 2004. It wasn’t that Jim Carrey was a poor choice in casting, but that the movie was completely unfair to the beloved book series and was just not well written… The memory of this disaster left many of us hesitant to … Continue reading Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Review: Arrow

By Troi Watts DC Comics and Marvel Studios have been battling it out in an effort to dominate movie and TV screens. While Marvel has been working through a complex storyline in its movies, DC Comics has given more attention to certain superheroes in their various TV shows. You may have noticed that a certain DC show called Arrow has been the star of the DC … Continue reading Review: Arrow

Review: Colony

By Quentin Basnaw What happens when you take Sawyer from LOST at his best, Lori from The Walking Dead if she wasn’t insufferable, an awesome premise, a level of production value on par with movies, and a sprinkle of suspense building between episodes? The answer of course: you get Colony, a superb USA network TV series. The premise of the show is semi lengthy. Aliens ,referred … Continue reading Review: Colony