Segment: Still Dealing With The Ending To Game Of Thrones

By Tiara Spells ((Spoilers Ahead!!)) Well, I guess it all started for me in 2013. That was when The Rains of Castamere aired and that was when Game of Thrones caught the attention of mainstream media. The Rains of Castamere was one of the episodes that truly changed everything. People who had never read the books saw characters who were INTEGRAL to the current storyline, … Continue reading Segment: Still Dealing With The Ending To Game Of Thrones

Review: The Umbrella Academy

By Anastasia Scott Do you love superheroes? Do you love emotionally constipated characters? Do you love over the top comic aesthetics? Are you still in your angsty phase of loving My Chemical Romance/Gerard Way? And lastly, do you love amazing soundtrack? If you’ve answered yes to any of the following questions, put Netflix’s Umbrella Academy on your watch list. Umbrella Academy is a Netflix original … Continue reading Review: The Umbrella Academy

Review: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

By Michael Smith *Warning: Major Spoilers For Black Mirror: Bandersnatch* Black Mirror. Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi thriller series has taken Netflix and the world by storm and the latest installment is no different. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch released December 28th last year and has sent many people down the rabbit hole. Bandersnatch focuses on a young programmer, Stefan, pitching and then creating a video game based off … Continue reading Review: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Review: ‘Bojack Horseman’ Season 5

By Nate Richard When Bojack Horseman premiered on Netflix in August, 2014, the reviews were polarizing, and for good reason. The first several episodes of the animated dramedy felt like some throwaway cartoon you’d find on Adult Swim (Rick & Morty aside). However, as the first season went on, the series began to morph into something deeper than what it had initially seemed. As each … Continue reading Review: ‘Bojack Horseman’ Season 5

Review: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2, Episode 1, “Madmax”

By Troi Watts The highly anticipated second season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things is finally available! Most people have already binged their way through the nine-episode season and have answered the very important question: is this season better than the first? I won’t answer that here, but I will let you know if you’re going to be left satisfied after the season premiere. … Continue reading Review: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2, Episode 1, “Madmax”

Opinion: Why You Should Watch ‘Warehouse 13’

By Troi Watts Believe it or not, there was a time when the SyFy channel created and aired well-done shows. Warehouse 13 was one of those rare gems. With fresh ideas, great humor, and creative plot lines, this show should definitely be on your watch list. Warehouse 13 follows the adventures of Pete Latimer and Myka Berring, two Secret Service agents who are chosen to … Continue reading Opinion: Why You Should Watch ‘Warehouse 13’

Opinion: Questions from ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1

By Troi Watts Stranger Things has quickly become one of Netflix’s most popular shows and it certainly earned its place. Each episode leaves the audience wanting more and the season finale is no exception. Here are a few questions fans were left with after the Season 1 finale: Warning: Potential spoilers ahead! Q: Where is Eleven? After she saves the gang from the Demogorgon, Eleven … Continue reading Opinion: Questions from ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1