Segment: Brockhampton-Ginger Review

By Noah Bush Brockhampton has stated that they are the hardest working boy band in show business, and with their fifth album in three years, I think that title is appropriate. On August 23, America’s favorite boy band Brockhampton released their fifth album, Ginger, and it’s all I’ve been listening to. May 2018 saw the departure of Ameer Van, one of the groups founding members, … Continue reading Segment: Brockhampton-Ginger Review

Opinion: Jonas Punched Me in the Gut and Not in a Good Way

By Anna Jirgal Have you ever watched the Super Bowl? You know, your family and all your friends are gorging themselves on burgers, dip, and whatever concoction Aunt Sally made that looks super suspicious but tastes amazing. Besides, let’s be honest, half of you are only there for the food anyway. The food and one other thing: commercials. Because billions of dollars look fantastic on … Continue reading Opinion: Jonas Punched Me in the Gut and Not in a Good Way

Opinion: Brendon Urie to Star in ‘Kinky Boots’

By Madyson McGill In the wise words of Michael Scott: “Oh my god! It’s happening! Everybody stay calm, Everybody stay calm…” Brendon Urie, the angelic voice of Panic! at the Disco, is finally going to Broadway, and will be starring in the play Kinky Boots. That’s right. Breathe. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I witnessed the circus-themed extravaganza that was their Fever You Can’t … Continue reading Opinion: Brendon Urie to Star in ‘Kinky Boots’

Opinion: “Just Hold On” single

By Caroline Meister Until last Saturday, the only member of One Direction to release a solo track was Niall Horan (“This Town”). Louis Tomlinson changed that by premiering his brand new track, “Just Hold On,” with legendary DJ Steve Aoki. After listening to the song a few times, I will admit that it’s catchy, mostly thanks to the backing track created by Aoki. I think … Continue reading Opinion: “Just Hold On” single

Opinion: An Open Letter to Christmas Music

By Madyson McGill Disclaimer: I am not Scrooge. I actually really enjoy Christmas and Christmas music, just not before Halloween is even over. Every single year, Christmas season inches earlier and earlier. It’s insane! We haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving and already Christmas albums have already been released. Pentatonix’s Christmas album, A Pentatonix Christmas, is already No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart and November has … Continue reading Opinion: An Open Letter to Christmas Music

Opinion: Chris Brown’s Career

By Caroline Meister To be honest, Chris Brown wasn’t on my radar until my mom showed me the classic YouTube hit, “The Wedding Entrance Dance.” I’m sure you remember it: members of a wedding party comically dance down the church aisles to “Forever” (One of Chris Brown’s biggest hits), much to the surprise of the bride and groom. This YouTube video was later parodied in … Continue reading Opinion: Chris Brown’s Career