Segment: Brockhampton-Ginger Review

By Noah Bush Brockhampton has stated that they are the hardest working boy band in show business, and with their fifth album in three years, I think that title is appropriate. On August 23, America’s favorite boy band Brockhampton released their fifth album, Ginger, and it’s all I’ve been listening to. May 2018 saw the departure of Ameer Van, one of the groups founding members, … Continue reading Segment: Brockhampton-Ginger Review

List: Ranking the Albums of Panic! at the Disco

By: Madyson McGill If you haven’t heard the amazing news, Panic! At the Disco is releasing their sixth album! Fresh off of Broadway, Brendon Urie went back to L.A. and began creating the next Panic! At the Disco masterpiece, which will no doubt have his masterful vocals on full display. However, while there aren’t many details on when the album will be released, one thing … Continue reading List: Ranking the Albums of Panic! at the Disco

Opinion: Jonas Punched Me in the Gut and Not in a Good Way

By Anna Jirgal Have you ever watched the Super Bowl? You know, your family and all your friends are gorging themselves on burgers, dip, and whatever concoction Aunt Sally made that looks super suspicious but tastes amazing. Besides, let’s be honest, half of you are only there for the food anyway. The food and one other thing: commercials. Because billions of dollars look fantastic on … Continue reading Opinion: Jonas Punched Me in the Gut and Not in a Good Way

Artist Spotlight: blackbear

By Caroline Meister If you’ve seen blackbear anywhere, it’s probably on Twitter. The musician is almost famous for his relatable depressing tweets about, what else? Love. But the once-punk rocker turned rapper should also be famous for his songs. His new release, digital druglord, is an intricate compilation of love songs, screw you songs, and some songs that you can just groove to. I listened to the album … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: blackbear

Review: All Time Low’s ‘Last Young Renegade’

By Caroline Meister Even if you’re not a fan of pop punk, you probably have heard of All Time Low. The four-piece consisting of Alex Gaskarth (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jack Barakat (lead guitar and backing vocals), Zachary Merrick (bass and backing vocals), and Rian Dawson (drums) have been rocking out since they were in high school. They’re all nearing their mid-twenties, but that doesn’t … Continue reading Review: All Time Low’s ‘Last Young Renegade’

Review: Harry Styles’ Self-Titled Solo Debut

By Caroline Meister Harry Styles. Teen heartthrob. Boybander. Indie rocker? That last one is not a term that you would likely use to describe the British megastar, at least not in the past. But with the release of his new solo (yes, my heart is breaking) album, indie rocker and Harry Styles will become synonymous with each other and no one is more surprised than … Continue reading Review: Harry Styles’ Self-Titled Solo Debut