5 Reasons I Loved ‘Interstellar’

By Eli Ralston After its release, Christopher Nolan‘s latest film received mainly positive reviews. Though I am a fan of many of Nolan’s films, from Inception to the Dark Knight, Interstellar struck a different chord with me. I love films that make me think and need to see more than once to understand. So, here are my top 5 reasons for loving Interstellar. 5. The visuals   … Continue reading 5 Reasons I Loved ‘Interstellar’

Twilight Never Dies

By: Desiree Williams  The Twilight saga is a book series written by Stephenie Meyer, centered on Bella Swan, the human protagonist, and the mysterious Edward Cullen. After discovering that Edward is a vampire, but falling in love anyway, the couple must find a way to conquer the numerous obstacles that complicate their relationship. The Twilight fandom did not develop automatically, but came about slowly. However, it spread fast. The series … Continue reading Twilight Never Dies

Age of Ultron : A New Age for a Classic Villain

By: Aidan Hall With Guardians of the Galaxy showcasing the villain for the next phase of the Marvel movie storyline, the all powerful Thanos Lord of Time and Space, it is time to look at the current phase and its upcoming threat, Ultron. First revealed at last year’s Comic-Con, Ultron will be the villain in the new Avengers film Age of Ultron, but who is Ultron? Why should … Continue reading Age of Ultron : A New Age for a Classic Villain


By Caleb Melilink-Smith Nollywood is a world-renouned film center based in Africa (specifically Nigeria) similar to Hollywood or Bollywod in India. The difference between Nollywood and other industries is that many people have never heard of Nollywood, despite it being the third largest producer in the world of feature films.      The Nollywood film industry focuses on very small budgets and producing films incredibly … Continue reading Nollywood 

The Best Acceptance Speeches of the 2014 Oscars

By Ben Cramer When it comes to Oscar Sunday, the acceptance speech is crucial. At times the pressure is so great that it seems as if the academy will take back the statue if the star falls short of perfection. The speech says much about a celebrity’s personality. With over 85 years of Academy Awards ceremonies, there are many extremely well-done speeches.    The shortest … Continue reading The Best Acceptance Speeches of the 2014 Oscars

Creating Disney’s animated animals

     Almost everyone has seen classic Disney movies such as The Lion King, Lady and The Tramp, Bambi, and 101 Dalmatians. The animals in these pictures are endearing and viewers cannot help but love them. Disney animation studios used live animals as models to draw these iconic characters. This process goes back decades when Walt Disney worked on the films.      Disney brought … Continue reading Creating Disney’s animated animals

Top 5 Philip Seymour Hoffman Performances

By Nick Ewing The world was in shock and mourning after Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. He was found in his New York City apartment, a needle in his arm and surrounded by several bags believed to have contained heroin. The actor was a recovering addict who had been sober for over 20 years, but checked himself into rehab after relapsing last May. He was 46 … Continue reading Top 5 Philip Seymour Hoffman Performances