Segment: On Disney And Corporate Hollywood

By Parker Carlson Something needs to be said on the state of Hollywood. It’s something that’s been bugging me all summer long and is only exacerbated by nobody talking about it. It’s about Disney, specifically, how much they own. As a backstory, way back when in the simpler days of March 2019, Disney completed their buyout of Fox studios. There was a lot of hubbub … Continue reading Segment: On Disney And Corporate Hollywood

Opinion: The Importance of Movie Posters

By: Andrew Haas Movie marketing has exploded over the years. In today’s Internet culture, it’s easy for people to get excited over promotional material like trailers, TV spots, and clips. But there’s another important part of marketing that has been there since the beginning that is now being seen as an afterthought: the poster. Many people today view them as little more than a still … Continue reading Opinion: The Importance of Movie Posters

Netflix Recommendation of the Week: Nightcrawler

By: Lydia Lucas Netflix houses an immense library of films, which can be overwhelming. You can scroll for twenty minutes and not find anything that catches your interest. Well, look no further, because I have a film for you. Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, should be on the top of your must watch list. Nothing beats a good crime thriller, and this film takes the genre … Continue reading Netflix Recommendation of the Week: Nightcrawler

Gone Girl: Book Vs. Film

        By Cassandra Eiler David Fincher’s Gone Girl experienced much success and gained a great amount of popular attention after its release in October of 2014. The movie continued to receive praise around the Academy Award buzz, as Rosamund Pike was one of the nominees for Actress in a Leading Role. Although Julianne Moore ended up with the Oscar, many fans still … Continue reading Gone Girl: Book Vs. Film

Opinion: The Pointless Politicization of ‘American Sniper’

By: Chauncey Baker Why can’t my man Clint get a break? It seems like his movies always either get accused of being sexist or racist, and he gets caught talking to chairs (as ridiculous and outlandish as it was, I still found it to be slightly funny). His latest film, American Sniper, which has been breaking hearts and box office records for almost a month now, has … Continue reading Opinion: The Pointless Politicization of ‘American Sniper’

‘Cinderella’ vs. ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

By: Cassandra Eiler More official trailers for both Pitch Perfect 2 and Cinderella have recently been released. After viewing the first set of trailers for each movie, I’d say the films are neck-and-neck in terms of anticipation and potential success. But with the release of this set of trailers, the competition will certainly heat up, fairy godmothers will get called upon, and pitch slaps will fly. The question is, will … Continue reading ‘Cinderella’ vs. ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

5 Reasons I Loved ‘Interstellar’

By Eli Ralston After its release, Christopher Nolan‘s latest film received mainly positive reviews. Though I am a fan of many of Nolan’s films, from Inception to the Dark Knight, Interstellar struck a different chord with me. I love films that make me think and need to see more than once to understand. So, here are my top 5 reasons for loving Interstellar. 5. The visuals   … Continue reading 5 Reasons I Loved ‘Interstellar’

Twilight Never Dies

By: Desiree Williams  The Twilight saga is a book series written by Stephenie Meyer, centered on Bella Swan, the human protagonist, and the mysterious Edward Cullen. After discovering that Edward is a vampire, but falling in love anyway, the couple must find a way to conquer the numerous obstacles that complicate their relationship. The Twilight fandom did not develop automatically, but came about slowly. However, it spread fast. The series … Continue reading Twilight Never Dies

Age of Ultron : A New Age for a Classic Villain

By: Aidan Hall With Guardians of the Galaxy showcasing the villain for the next phase of the Marvel movie storyline, the all powerful Thanos Lord of Time and Space, it is time to look at the current phase and its upcoming threat, Ultron. First revealed at last year’s Comic-Con, Ultron will be the villain in the new Avengers film Age of Ultron, but who is Ultron? Why should … Continue reading Age of Ultron : A New Age for a Classic Villain