Turner Classic Movies’ 20th Anniversary

By Julia Ricci Classic films have been a part of my life since my mother and grandmother introduced me to movie musicals when I was three years old. At the time, I was terrified of most Disney movies (those villains were creepy!), so films like The Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, and The Music Man provided me with an entertainment escape without giving me nightmares.     … Continue reading Turner Classic Movies’ 20th Anniversary

Jon Stewart to Leave ‘The Daily Show’

By Louie Wieseman Another shakeup has hit the late night comedy circuit.     Jon Stewart will leave Comedy Central’s The Daily Show towards the end of this year. Stewart made the announcement Tuesday, February 10 during the show’s taping. Stewart has been host of The Daily Show for seventeen years, after taking over for Craig Kilborn in 1999. The Daily Show has launched the careers … Continue reading Jon Stewart to Leave ‘The Daily Show’

‘The Voices’ Trailer Review

By Cassandra Eiler Ryan Reynolds has depicted a variety of characters during his acting career, but his latest role seems to be a disastrous combination of a few of them. The Voices carries reminders of Reynolds in romantic comedies, such as The Proposal and Just Friends, mixed with his role as the violent mercenary Deadpool in X-Men Origins. These two personalities don’t click.       Reynolds plays a seemingly sweet factory … Continue reading ‘The Voices’ Trailer Review

‘Steve Jobs’ Release Date Announced 

By: Sierra Jackson The newest film about Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, will offer fans a chance to see it much sooner than expected. According to IMDB, the film was set for a 2016 release, but it was confirmed Wednesday that it will now open in theaters in 2015.      Academy Award Nominated actor Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class, 12 Years a Slave) will star as Steve … Continue reading ‘Steve Jobs’ Release Date Announced 

‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer Review

By Cassandra Eiler As some may guess from the title, the upcoming Disney film, Tomorrowland, presents the idea of a futuristic vision. The film depicts a world where, as the poster suggests, “nothing is impossible.”      This is the extent of the information given in  the trailer. Two minutes doesn’t allow much time for details, but the true goal of the trailer seems to be building … Continue reading ‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer Review

Chris Pratt, Lord of the Raptors: New ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer

By: Daley Wilhelm During the Super Bowl, viewers learned a few new facts about the upcoming Jurassic Park reboot, Jurassic World. In previous trailers, audiences were shown a high tech and crowded Jurassic World, the theme park that the earlier movies could never achieve. It’s a vacation destination for all ages and seems to be secure, but the new trailer shows what a nightmare the place can become. … Continue reading Chris Pratt, Lord of the Raptors: New ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer

Spider-Man Finally Joins The Avengers on the Big Screen

By: Sierra Jackson Late Monday evening, Marvel Studios announced that Spider-Man will officially be teaming up with the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel made the announcement on their official website, Marvel.com, but temporarily shut down their servers soon after.     After over a decade of fighting for the rights to the character, Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment finally reached an agreement. The deal includes Spider-Man appearing in a film that … Continue reading Spider-Man Finally Joins The Avengers on the Big Screen