Review: ‘American Folk’

By Ross Bembenek Well, it finally happened. It took 13 screenings and the entire 10 days of the festival, but I finally watched my first real dud of the 2017 Heartland Film Festival on the final day of the festival. And oh boy, the dud gods sure came roaring in with a vengeance, because American Folk wasn’t just the worst film I watched at Heartland, … Continue reading Review: ‘American Folk’

Review: ‘The Best of All Worlds’

By Madyson McGill I took a chance and watched my first ever German film. Yes, it has subtitles, but I had never tried to sit through a subtitled movie in a theater. I tried once in Italy, but they wouldn’t let us in. However, The Best of All Worlds ended up being the best film I saw all weekend at Heartland. The symbolism is spot-on … Continue reading Review: ‘The Best of All Worlds’

Review: ‘Breathe’

By Madyson McGill Breathe is one of Heartland’s Truly Moving Pictures, and I have to admit that I had shed a few tears by the end. Before I saw it, I thought it might be a bit too mainstream for my taste, featuring stars like Andrew Garfield, Tom Hollander, and Diana Rigg, but the film is still full of solid performances from all around. They know … Continue reading Review: ‘Breathe’

Review: Heartland Shorts Program 1 (Indiana Spotlight)

By Brandon Kratkoczki Hoosier pride! Hoo boy! I love the big corn state! I love the triangle vroom vrooms that go in 500 circles a year and no more! I have fond memories of going to our booming, candy-coated state capital! Have you ever sat down and thought of all of the famous people from Indiana, like California Joe and Colorado Susan? In all seriousness, … Continue reading Review: Heartland Shorts Program 1 (Indiana Spotlight)

Review: ‘We Love You, Sally Carmichael!’

By Kyle Wooldridge We’ve all heard of Twilight right? Mega popular book series-turned movie series? Unless you lived under a rock for the last two decades, I’m sure you’ve heard a thing or two about it. Well, have you ever thought, “man Twilight is cool, but you know what would be cooler? If it was about a merman instead of a vampire!” If that’s the … Continue reading Review: ‘We Love You, Sally Carmichael!’

Review: ‘The Mad Whale’

By Brandon Kratkoczki Finally.   I’ve been waiting all of Heartland 2017 for something to hit me the way The Mad Whale hit me. Don’t get me wrong, there have been several films over the course of the festival that I have really enjoyed. Heartland is a wonderful festival filled with inspirational stories and engaging narratives, but I was waiting for a sucker punch. I … Continue reading Review: ‘The Mad Whale’

Review: ‘The Last Laugh’

By Kyle Wooldridge The old saying goes, “tragedy + time = comedy,” but is this really the case? Is it ever appropriate to joke about tragedy? If so, how much time needs to pass before it is appropriate? These are the kinds of questions that comedians have to ask themselves every day in order to do what they do. One of the biggest and most … Continue reading Review: ‘The Last Laugh’