List: Top 5 Films of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival

By Kyle Wooldridge This year, I was fortunate enough to go to the 2018 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah with our Executive Producer, Brandon Kratkoczki. While we were there, we told ourselves that it was just a vacation, that we weren’t going to do much work for the Reel Deal so we could enjoy ourselves. Naturally, that didn’t work too well, because I … Continue reading List: Top 5 Films of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival

Review: “Einstein-Rosen”

By Kyle Wooldridge As you may remember, about two weeks ago I reviewed the Comedy Shorts Program at the Heartland Film Festival. In that review, I mentioned that there were technical difficulties with the screening of the short “Einstein-Rosen” and that I couldn’t give it a fair review. Fortunately, the director of the short, Olga Osorio, saw my review and contacted us at The Reel Deal. … Continue reading Review: “Einstein-Rosen”

Review: ‘That Trip We Took With Dad’

By Michael Smith This has been a very hard movie for to me to review. This was the first film I saw at Heartland this year and my review for it has gone through the most revisions. When I first saw That Trip We Took With Dad, I enjoyed it but had a few issues. As I have reflected on it more, though, I have … Continue reading Review: ‘That Trip We Took With Dad’

Review: ‘Dealt’

By Michael Smith I’ve always loved watching documentaries. I’ve always felt like it is a great way to expand your knowledge in one place using film, a medium I thoroughly enjoy. Ever since I became a telecommunications student at Ball State, I’ve found myself being inadvertently pulled out of a film by a jarring editing decision or an off shot. For me, the only exception … Continue reading Review: ‘Dealt’

Review: ‘The S Word’

By Michael Smith For this review, I will start it off a bit differently. I will say right away that everyone should absolutely see this movie. It is about a subject that is so seldom talked about in a serious manner: many believe they are alone in having suicidal thoughts. I believe that it is important to allow people without such thoughts or mental illnesses … Continue reading Review: ‘The S Word’

Review: ‘Thank You For Your Service’

Nathan Richard This is truly one of the most emotional films I’ve seen since Manchester by the Sea. While Thank You for Your Service might be hard to watch, it’s a film that I feel is very important. The film feels like it’s the sibling of American Sniper, which shouldn’t be surprising since the screenwriter of that film, Jason Hall, writes and directs this film as well. I … Continue reading Review: ‘Thank You For Your Service’

Review: ‘American Folk’

By Ross Bembenek Well, it finally happened. It took 13 screenings and the entire 10 days of the festival, but I finally watched my first real dud of the 2017 Heartland Film Festival on the final day of the festival. And oh boy, the dud gods sure came roaring in with a vengeance, because American Folk wasn’t just the worst film I watched at Heartland, … Continue reading Review: ‘American Folk’