Segment: Still Dealing With The Ending To Game Of Thrones

By Tiara Spells

((Spoilers Ahead!!))

Well, I guess it all started for me in 2013. That was when The Rains of Castamere aired and that was when Game of Thrones caught the attention of mainstream media. The Rains of Castamere was one of the episodes that truly changed everything. People who had never read the books saw characters who were INTEGRAL to the current storyline, Catelyn and Robb Stark die. Following this episode, there was article after article after reaction video after reaction video and Game of Thrones had effectively won my attention. 


So I started it, I finished the first three seasons in the time before Season 4 aired and by that time I was hooked. I met Maisie Williams, then Jason Momoa, and Rory McCann. I was a proud Targaryen supremacist for a very long time. Game of Thrones was such a huge part of my life that it feels odd looking back now because we all know where it ended. 


Sadly, this is sort of the end of the honeymoon phase of Game of Thrones. In season 4, a book scene in which Jamie returns to Cersei after being away and they make love together, was turned into Jamie returns to Cersei and then instead assaults her. Some other things change here and there, but season 4 is mostly fine especially with the great performance that came from Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell. 


Speaking of Oberyn Martell, he has a cool family, awesome daughters and an awesome niece, and because Dorne is so awesome that niece, Arianne is the next in line for the Dorne throne. Season 5 seems to throw everything great about Game of Thrones to the wind and this is when Game of Thrones begins to suffer. They butchered the Sand Snakes, Dorne, and didn’t even bother on including Arianne or the Dorne plot. Which was frustrating and around this time, there was a growing community of people who just sort of had to deal with it because back then if you said Game of Thrones was bad, no one agreed with you. Which is also funny in hindsight. 


Game of Thrones didn’t seem to be getting any better and by the end of season 7, the writing had only continued to get weaker. The show strayed further and further from the books and then also past the books. And Game of Thrones didn’t feel like Game of Thrones anymore, it was frustrating seeing something you love grow worse and worse each year. It was like watching someone you love dying a slow death. Or watching True Blood all over again. 


But Game of Thrones had built had eight seasons of mystery, drama, and political intrigue, it all has to be going somewhere and lead to a satisfying ending, right? 


No. The last season of Game of Thrones is a mess, storylines went nowhere, and all of the characters just sort of stood around meandering to their respective finish lines only reacting to the things around them rather than being proactive at all. 


The only person who got a good ending was Sansa after all Dumb and Dumber put her through I am thankful that at the woman being praised as the Queen, in the end, was Sansa. If anyone deserved to rule over Westeros it should’ve been her. I have other things to say about her characterization and the characterization of other characters but I could write a George RR Martin sized book about it and no one’s gonna read that.


I guess this is less of a review and more of rumination of my thoughts on Game of Thrones ending, I’m not necessarily going to say anything that hundreds of Youtube Reviewers haven’t already said. But I am sad to see it go. It’s bittersweet for me and I’m sure others feel the same way. 


It was something that connected me to a community online, the female characters were outstanding despite being obviously written by men, But it was so mishandled by its leaders that I also sort of don’t mind that’s it’s over and that’s the worst part about it. 


The cast and crew worked so hard for this show and it shows, especially in the final episode that’s a documentary of how the last season was made. It’s sadder than anything else watching this crew be clearly overworked just for the season to be so negatively received because of the writing. And in 2018 Lucasfilm announced that D&D would be the writers of a new Star Wars series following the end of Game of Thrones. So D&D will happily move on while the fans are left to stay bitter about a bad ending or wait until George is finally finished with the books.
But until more A Song of Ice and Fire content comes out, all the fans have to do is wait, wait and continue over-analyzing George’s books. I mean, we certainly have the time to do it..