A Producer’s Statement on the State of The Reel Deal

Being a part of The Reel Deal is one of the things I am most proud of. This doesn’t mean it’s always the easiest. Inside the organization, it is the happiest, kindest, and most accepting group of individuals I’ve ever encountered. Each is hellbent on pursuing their passions and having fun while making something they are proud of. Outside of the organization, however, The Reel Deal is quick to receive from peers some of the harshest criticism and lowest respect of any Ball State student media group.

These often-hushed opinions aren’t well-kept, nor are they integral to our staff’s production, but they do weigh significantly on the shoulders after a hard day of work alongside such tremendously talented and dedicated people. We are a comedic entertainment news show through and through, and to those who simply don’t find us funny or think we are too unprofessional, that’s okay—everyone is entitled to their opinion, and we’re never going to suggest otherwise.

The thing is, we have significant changes for the future of the organization, including expanding our lineup and rebranding, but we are not going to change who we are. The show will not change, the jokes will not leave, and the staff will not fake it.

To look down on or question The Reel Deal’s validity as a student media organization because of our tone, sense of humor, or carefree environment is all subjective. However, when questioned about what the organization is capable of, or what we have accomplished over just the past four years since anyone on this current staff has entered college, we look to a few achievements we’re immensely proud of.

  • We currently record and air two programs every week.
  • We hold an average view count that is on par or above other Ball State media organizations
  • Our most popular episode has 33,000 views on YouTube
  • We have received about 900 views on YouTube in the last 28 days
  • We have a written review (by Madyson McGill) that has received over 2,000 views through the last six months
  • A film director personally thanked our current executive producer, Brandon Kratkoczki, for a review he wrote for our website
  • A director involved with the Heartland Film Festival reached out to us about a review written by Kyle Wooldridge
  • We partnered with the Heartland Film Festival, the largest film festival in Indiana, and have been receiving media passes every year to attend premieres
  • We have interviewed celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., Jessica Biel, Rob Reiner, RJ Mitte, Chaz Ebert, Geoffrey Rush, Richard Robichaux, and Vanessa Hudgens
  • We currently employ 35 students from various backgrounds and academic pursuits

The Reel Deal loves jokes. But we aren’t one.