Review: “Einstein-Rosen”

By Kyle Wooldridge

As you may remember, about two weeks ago I reviewed the Comedy Shorts Program at the Heartland Film Festival. In that review, I mentioned that there were technical difficulties with the screening of the short “Einstein-Rosen” and that I couldn’t give it a fair review. Fortunately, the director of the short, Olga Osorio, saw my review and contacted us at The Reel Deal. She was gracious enough to send me a link to her film so I could watch it in full. Now that I’ve seen and comprehended the short in its entirety, I’m going to go through a wormhole and hopefully reappear a couple weeks ago when I initially wrote that first review. Here goes.

“Einstein-Rosen” is a film about a kid trying to convince his brother that he’s discovered a wormhole. To prove his point, he returns to the same spot 35 years later to the “endpoint” of the wormhole to find all of his stuff reappearing in the same condition. I like the concept of this short a lot. I think it is really original and cute. I especially like the choice to have the wormhole discovered by children because it is fun to hear these 10-year-olds discuss quantum physics. It is a really neat juxtaposition between what is being said and who was saying it. This is really evident in the scene where Oscar points out to Teo that he can’t even do multiplication, to which Teo replies, “There’s always room for error.” I thought that was really funny. I also really liked the montage of Teo throwing a bunch of stuff into the wormhole; I laughed out loud when he launches the turtle into the air. Cute, funny moments like these really make the film fun to watch.

My only complaint about “Einstein-Rosen” is a small one: I wish I knew how Teo was able to discover this wormhole and calculate its location. At the same time, I kind of like that we don’t really get much explanation about it. I think it’s fun that he just knows physics for unexplained reasons. So I’m not even fully confident in this one complaint I have.

Overall, I’m really glad I got the chance to experience this film again and give it a fairer review. “Einstein-Rosen” is funny, unique, and cute. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to watch it.

Rating: 4.5/5

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