Opinion: Why You Should Watch ‘Warehouse 13’

By Troi Watts

Believe it or not, there was a time when the SyFy channel created and aired well-done shows. Warehouse 13 was one of those rare gems. With fresh ideas, great humor, and creative plot lines, this show should definitely be on your watch list.

Warehouse 13 follows the adventures of Pete Latimer and Myka Berring, two Secret Service agents who are chosen to work in the mysterious Warehouse 13. Their job is to find “artifacts,” historical items with abnormal abilities, and to bring them back for safe keeping in the warehouse. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, let’s just say “bagging and tagging” is easier said than done when it comes to these artifacts.

I have yet to find a show like Warehouse 13. This idea is fresh and holds up even three years after its conclusion. Yes, there have been some books with similar plot lines, but they haven’t really made it to the screen and aren’t executed as well as Warehouse 13. Not to mention, the show is a little educational. The historical artifacts all have real origins, such Edgar Allan Poe’s pen (which can create objects or events by writing them out) or Marilyn Monroe’s hairbrush (which will turn your hair blond if you use it). The show also hints at less well-known historical figures, which can lead to a lot of Google searching and learning.

However, a great plot means nothing without great characters and skilled actors. Pete Latimer, played by Eddie McClintock (Shooter, Bones), is a lovable, humorous agent. He balances out Myka Bering, played by Joanne Kelly (Slings and Arrows, Zoo) who is more knowledgeable about historical events and more serious when it comes to the job. McClintock and Kelly bring an interesting chemistry to their characters. While there could be some romantic tension between Pete and Myka, they are mostly just friends, which is a nice change-up from other shows. To complete the ensemble we have Artie Nielson, played by Saul Rubinek (Frasier, The Last Tycoon), who is basically Pete and Myka’s grumpy, old-school boss. Couple him with Claudia Donovan, played by Allison Scagliotti (Drake & Josh, Stitchers), the spunky, ready-to-go tech genius, and you are guaranteed some laughs.

While Warehouse 13 does have serious stakes throughout the series–the fate of the world resting on the team’s shoulders, etc.–there is plenty of humor to make it all digestible. All types of humor are accommodated in this show. Pete’s character provides more slap-stick, guy humor while Myka’s character provides some smarter, sassy humor.

If you enjoy sci-fi fantasy shows, good humor, and even better acting, you should try out Warehouse 13. While it’s not currently available for free on any streaming service, check out a library; they’re sure to have it and trust me, it’s worth the trip.