Review: ‘Thank You For Your Service’

Nathan Richard

This is truly one of the most emotional films I’ve seen since Manchester by the Sea. While Thank You for Your Service might be hard to watch, it’s a film that I feel is very important.

The film feels like it’s the sibling of American Sniper, which shouldn’t be surprising since the screenwriter of that film, Jason Hall, writes and directs this film as well. I have to say he does a great job capturing the mental state of veterans suffering PTSD. He never sugar-coats or glosses over certain topics; he takes these issues on at full force and shows the harsh reality. The trailers may have led you to believe that this is a typical war film, but it’s really not. Most of the film takes place in the States with only two short scenes actually taking place in the battlefield and honestly it works for the movie. It’s not anything that breaks new ground or does anything ambitious, but it still covers the topics of PTSD and the treatment of veterans very well.

Miles Teller gives his best performance to date (yes, his performance here is even better than his performance in Whiplash), he’s not playing the overly self-confident ‘cool’ guy that we’ve seen him play countless times, this time he’s in a much more grounded role with more depth. He gives an incredibly emotional performance, that is worthy of awards consideration, but unfortunately he might get overlooked. Haley Bennett gives a good enough performance as well. Beulah Koale is one to watch out for, who I hadn’t heard of before seeing this movie, but he gives a rock solid performance that will hopefully push his name out of obscurity and into more roles like this.

Overall Thank You for Your Service is an extremely powerful and emotional film that tells an important message. Most of the performances are great and overall the film is very well done. I’d highly recommend checking it out when it hits theaters.