Opinion: Questions from ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1

By Troi Watts

Stranger Things has quickly become one of Netflix’s most popular shows and it certainly earned its place. Each episode leaves the audience wanting more and the season finale is no exception. Here are a few questions fans were left with after the Season 1 finale:

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!

Q: Where is Eleven?

After she saves the gang from the Demogorgon, Eleven vanishes. Poor Mike and the audience are left wondering what happened to her. Then we see Sheriff Hopper walking into the woods with a bunch of Eggos in plastic wrap. He places the Eggos into a wooden box, looks around, and then leaves. This seemingly confirms that Eleven is still alive, but is she back in the regular world? It’s hard to say. The official trailers for Season 2 suggest that Eleven is pulled into the Upside Down when she destroys the Demogorgon. Is she still there? Other clips from the trailer show Eleven back in the regular world (obvious from the bright, normal colors instead of the gross, murkiness of the Upside Down) but in those clips she has grown a good head of curly hair! How long is she in the Upside Down? If she manages to escape quickly, why doesn’t she come back to Mike and the gang?

Q: What is going on with Will?

It shouldn’t be surprising that Will is experiencing some odd things when he returns home from the Upside Down, but throwing up strange worm-like things is definitely not a good sign. Not to mention Will’s visions of a gigantic monster appearing and stomping around Hawkins. So what is actually going on here? Are Will’s visions predicting the future or are they glimpses into previously unknown parts of the Upside Down? Either way, it looks like Hawkins is going to have another monster problem on its hands.

Q: Is there only one Demogorgon?

Speaking of monsters, remember when Hopper and Joyce go into the Upside Down and Hopper sees that egg? It seems fair to assume that this is a Demogorgon egg, but what does it mean? The egg shell earned a place on a poster for Season 2, so we can also assume that it will be important in the future. Are more Demogorgons going to hatch and run amuck?

Q: What is going to happen to the Hawkins National Laboratory?

The people at the Hawkins National Laboratory admit that they do not expect Will will be found. After all of the disappearances, fake corpses, and deaths that have occurred due to the breach at the lab, are those people going to face any consequences? Joyce seemingly forgets the lab after she brings Will home, but Hopper does have a strange run-in with them in the end. What happens in that meeting is still unclear. Also, the gateway to the Upside Down is not mentioned. Is it closed? Is it Eleven’s way home?  

Q: What are we missing about the death of Hopper’s daughter?

In the final episode, we finally learn that Hopper’s daughter died of cancer years ago, but why are we just learning this now? All we knew previously was that she died as a child. Something seems off. There have been several articles released explaining that Hopper’s daughter will be more prominent in Season 2, but there isn’t a clear answer as to why. Some speculate that Hopper will simply be reflecting and exploring his relationship with his daughter while others ask if there were supernatural elements involved in her death. Either way, we shouldn’t forget about her.

Q: Is there something between Nancy and Jonathan?

Fighting monsters and finding lost brothers has a way of bringing people together. Nancy and Jonathan bond a lot in this first season, but in the end, Nancy is still with Steve (as far as we know). But I don’t think fans should write off a possible Nancy-Steve-Jonathan love triangle in future seasons. And what does the addition of Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery, mean for these lovebirds? Photos show him out at the high school, so it’s possible that he and Nancy will spark some romance. Will this turn into a love quadrangle?

Needless to say, there are still a lot of unanswered questions after the first season of Stranger Things. Hopefully fans get some answers in Season 2, but it’s not a guarantee. Stranger Things has already been renewed out to Season 4, so the Duffer Brothers could start to implement longer plot lines that leave questions open-ended for a while. Either way, fans will not want to miss Season 2 of Stranger Things, available on Netflix starting October 27th.