Review: ‘Bill Nye: Science Guy’

By Josie Underhill

Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye the Science Guy!

The scientist who swept the nation is back. This time he’s here to make the world a better place starting with his new documentary. In Bill Nye: Science Guy, Bill Nye struggles to bring science to fact deniers. But first, the film starts with a look at the start of Nye’s career, going back to his claim to fame, his TV show. Nye’s show was a huge success and is still watched regularly in science classes across the country. The documentary then moves to Nye’s life after the show: Nye has remained in the limelight by appearing on different news and talk shows to debate relevant topics like climate change and evolution. The feature shows the different opinions of science deniers like Ken Ham and his creationism movement, and Nye comments on how these opinions are hurting our future. The movie masterfully shows the struggles that Nye faces while attempting to change opinions of these deniers and break away from the stereotype of his TV show persona. With star guests such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, the film was sure to be a hit from the start.

Bill Nye is such a charismatic and energetic person that he brings light and laughter to this film dealing with serious issues. One phenomenon that I found very interesting and pressing was “selfie fatigue.” After performing intensive research by enduring tons of selfies per day, Bill has come to the conclusion that selfies take years off your life. A shocking revelation. The feature is very lighthearted yet serious at the same time, as Nye discusses many heavy topics. Nye and the director do a fantastic job at showing the different perspectives of the deniers and showing different evidence to contradict them. At one point, Nye travels all the way to the Arctic sheet to show the actual ice cores that are being studied, thus proving that humans caused climate change. This represents a huge setting shift to the rest of the film.

As soon as I saw the Bill Nye movie was playing at Heartland, I knew I had to go see it. Bill Nye has always made science fun and exciting, so I came in expecting to see more of Bill’s charisma and charm. I was surprised to see the film focus more on Nye’s challenges in his personal life, with family illness, and in spreading his message to others. The film really humbles Nye and makes him look vulnerable in a way he has never looked before. This made me like Bill Nye all the more because he seems like more of a genuine guy rather than just the goofy scientist.

Overall, this movie is uplifting and hopeful. Bill Nye’s triumphs and the way he presents his messages are very inspiring. His continuing hope and his plans to work towards a better future through scientific exploration make a perfect ending to a good film. I believe that this film will help Bill leave the world a better place than the way he found it. I would highly recommend this film.

Rating: 4.5/5