List: Top 5 5 Seconds of Summer Songs

By Caroline Meister

5 Seconds of Summer are known in the mainstream media for two things: 1) Getting discovered by One Direction and touring with the band, and 2) Constantly having a mob of teenage girls following their every move. I was one of those girls for a long time. In this article, I’m going to be discussing the top five 5SOS songs that prove they are more than just One Direction wannabes.

1. “Catch Fire”

This song is my all time favorite 5SOS song, without a doubt. It’s off their sophomore album, Sounds Good, Feels Good, and trust me, it does both of those things for me. I’m not exactly sure what it is that makes me love this song so much, but my mood always improves after listening to it. It’s so upbeat and positive that it just fills me with so much happiness. You can’t help but screech the lyrics at the top of your lungs.

2. “Daylight”

Never heard of this song? I’m not surprised. This song is off the band’s Amnesia EP. The band, for whatever reason, released a bunch of EPs after their debut album was released. “Daylight” is very different for the band, and that’s probably why I like it so much. Also, it features my favorite member, the ever wonderful Calum Hood. If you want to show that you’re a true 5 Seconds of Summer fan, name-drop this song. You’ll earn the respect of the 5SOS fam immediately.

3. “Just Saying”

This is another well-kept secret. It’s hidden in another EP, Good Girls. 5 Seconds of Summer are not typically considered a punk band, although they constantly try to remarket themselves as more pop-punk than pure pop. This song is one of these efforts and, in my opinion, it’s a success. It’s more New Found Glory than Neck Deep, but who cares? Not to mention, this song is also mainly Calum-dominated (see a pattern?).

4. “Wherever You Are”

Get ready for the waterworks, folks. This song is an oldie, originally released on the She Looks So Perfect EP. It never fails to make me cry, even though I’ve already listened to this song about 500 times. The emotion is so heartfelt; it feels like Luke Hemming’s heart is breaking along with mine. If you are currently in a long-distance relationship or just got out of one, I would not recommend this.

5. “If You Don’t Know”

This song might as well be the anthem of 5SOS fans. The band hardly ever plays the song live due to the fact that it is very complex and difficult to perform. Calum (I know, I know) has an incredibly fast solo about halfway through the song, and you know you’re a true fan when you can sing along without missing a beat. “If You Don’t Know” is quite simply a bop, and you’ll have it on repeat for months.