List: Top 5 Hoodie Allen Songs

By Caroline Meister

I know what you’re thinking: “Caroline, you don’t seem like the type person to listen to rap music.” And you would be right, but I like to break stereotypes. So with that said, below are my top five Hoodie Allen songs.

1.     “No Interruption” (Acoustic)

This is my favorite Hoodie Allen song. There’s no argument. It was the first song I heard by him, and it’s probably his most famous. There’s just something about this song that makes you want to listen to it over and over again, and you can bet that I know every single word (as you should too).

2.     “Act My Age”

A close second to “No Interruption,” this song mixes rap with just the smallest amount of pop punk. In fact, when I saw Hoodie in concert, he exclaimed before performing this song: “this is some blink-182 #@%&!” It’s just as good as any pop punk song, with less screaming and more rapping.

3.     “No Faith In Brooklyn” (Acoustic)

This selection is really good for people who don’t typically listen to rap music, or might be a little skeptical of listening to any of Hoodie’s music. Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider this rap, especially the acoustic version. It’s more spoken word (really fast) than actual rap.

4.     “Numbers”

This song waivers between a slower jam and a fast-paced rush to get all the words in. It has the added bonus of being very easy to learn, which make you feel 100 times cooler. This is not to mention that “Numbers” is one of Hoodie’s least well-known songs, so you won’t risk getting labeled as a “fake fan.”

5.     “Two Lips” (Acoustic)

I know, I know: another acoustic. But this one is perhaps the most mellow, even more so than “No Faith.” Despite its subject matter, it’s oddly comforting. Don’t ask me how; it just is. This, like all the other acoustic songs, showcases Hoodie Allen’s oddly good voice, which something not all rappers have.