List: Top Five Current Cover Songs

By Madyson McGill

On my daily scroll through YouTube, I realized I have watched a decent amount of videos of artists performing covers. So, I became inspired: why not write up a list of my top five covers favorite covers of the moment?

#5: Conor Maynard’s “Closer” Cover

At number five, I have a cover of a song that’s been sitting at the top of multiple playlists, “Closer” by The Chainsmokers. The cover is by up-and-coming artist Conor Maynard. I really like this cover because I think Maynard has a unique voice that makes it distinguishable among other voices. It also strips down the song to just piano and the vocal talents of Maynard and Alexa Goddard, whose voices pair beautifully together. So if you’re ready for a change from the usual trendy beat of the original, give this version a try.

#4: Lindsey Stirling and Kurt Hugo Schneider’s Pokemon Theme Cover

At number four, I have a song that takes a unique twist on the old and super catchy Pokemon theme. While the song is stripped of all its words, Lindsey Stirling still portrays the song perfectly through her quirky violinist stylings, getting help from the musical talents of Kurt Hugo Schneider, who is known for his covers. There really isn’t a cover of this song that stands out as much as this one. Also, even though there aren’t any vocals, you can still sing along if you know the lyrics.

#3: Panic! At the Disco’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover

Coming in at number three is my Panic! At the Disco track of the list. We all know my list wouldn’t be complete if Panic! wasn’t on here. Their version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen slays. I’ve personally seen it live about three times and it never fails to get the crowd pumped and singing along. Brendon Urie’s range is something to aspire to and it really shows on this cover. They stay true to the original tune and really showcase their musicality. Fun fact: it was also featured on the soundtrack for “Suicide Squad.” Also, if you want to check out another cover worth checking out from them, take a listen to their “Starboy” cover, originally sung by The Weeknd.

#2: Against the Current’s “See You Again” cover

At number two is Against the Current’s “See You Again,” originally sung by Charlie Puth. Against the Current is slowly making a stance in the music world. They’ve collaborated with another artist on this list (Kurt Hugo Schneider), and have gained quite the following on YouTube. I think this song is beautifully performed and their lead singer Chrissy Costanza’s voice is raw and vulnerable. She performs the roles of both Puth and Wiz Khalifa wonderfully, switching seamlessly from the chorus to the rap.

#1: Christina Grimmie and Sam Tsui’s “Just A Dream” cover

The song at the top has always been one of my favorites. It’s Nelly’s “Just A Dream,” performed by Christina Grimmie and Sam Tsui. They sing as though their voices were made for each other and they were made to perform this song. It’s a gorgeous duet telling a story of two separated lovers at a crossroads. Grimmie’s voice is a powerhouse with its softer tones, but also with its more raw notes.Tsui offers a slightly more melodic and smooth vocal like from someone you might hear on Broadway. This cover I think has the power to impact people now more than ever, especially since Grimmie’s passing. Right after Tsui heard the news, he recovered this song and the pain and sadness on his face and the melancholy on his voice can bring the most stone hearted person to tears. What’s even more heartbreaking is that you can still hear Grimmie’s presence there. Her voice is still there in the background singing along.