News: Mayday Parade

By Caroline Meister

Mayday Parade are one of the most influential bands in the pop punk genre (or “emo” music as it is sometimes affectionately called). Even if you don’t listen to the genre religiously, you probably know Mayday Parade, who have such hits as “Miserable At Best,” “Terrible Things,” and “Three Cheers For Five Years.”

The band is celebrating the ten year anniversary of their very first EP, Tales Told By Dead Friends, which was crucial to their success. In honor of their anniversary, the band is going on a 11 date tour that began on November 11th. Almost all the shows on this tour are already sold out, so if this interests you, you need to act fast. Along with the tour, the band is also re-releasing Tales Told By Dead Friends, which is now available for purchase. Not only is the old EP remixed and remastered, but it also includes a new song that was released as a single on November 10th.

“The Problem With The Big Picture Is That It’s Hard To See” is a beautiful tribute to everything Mayday Parade fans had been missing with the release of their latest album, Black Lines: a genre shifting, direction changing foray that wasn’t popular with all fans (this one included). As if the band hadn’t done enough, they released a music video to accompany the new single. The video includes never-before-seen footage of the band (shot by the band) throughout the past ten years, and it’s enough to make you miss the friends, lovers, and adventures you never had.