List: Top 5 Songs to Listen to Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

By Caroline Meister

It’s that time again! The awkward in-between month of November: when you can’t listen to Halloween music anymore but it’s a bit too early for Christmas music (although some disagree). To help cure this dilemma, I’ve made a list of five songs that I think embody the dropping temperatures and the season of autumn and will last you these next couple of weeks until Thanksgiving:

  1. “Winter’s Weather” by As It Is

Besides the obvious factor of the title, this song belongs here because it embodies the sense of the days growing shorter, the fact that it gets darker early, and that you always seem to feel tired. The repeated line “hold me close in winter’s weather,” makes you yearn to be at home under lots of blankets with Netflix playing.

  1. “Bukowski” by Moose Blood

Whenever I listen to this song, I picture “Bukowski” as a little kid (figuratively) who is thrown into the real world and needs to find his or her way. I think for a lot of people, the beginning months of the year are all about settling into a new routine and discovering where they fit in. The lyrics like “to keep warm, I’ll bring a sweater” and “stop drinking cups of grey” scream “fall” in perhaps the most cliché way possible. In this case, it’s good to be cliché.

  1. “Home” by Gnash

The holidays are always associated with “going home” and being with family. Especially with being in college, it’s hard not to be around family during the holiday season, only returning home for breaks and such. This song, in a weird way, makes me feel at home. It reassures me that even though I’m far away from my family and loved ones, they’ll always be with me no matter where I go.

  1. “In My Life” by The Beatles

In autumn, we crave the sense of familiarity brought by something that has worked in the past. The Beatles will always bring a sense of familiarity for me, which I know is also true for a lot of other people. This song describes the importance of leaving your past behind, and allowing space to grow in the present, a common thread that we all struggle with now and then.

  1. “Colder Quicker” by Real Friends

This is perhaps the heaviest song on this list, but despite the obvious significance of the title, it holds true to our theme, while putting a new spin on it. This song describes the feeling of not being good enough, not holding up to what people thought you were going to achieve. At this point in the year, we look back on what we have accomplished, and sometimes we are not proud. We may even be disappointed. This song tells us that it is okay, and that sometimes not meeting those expectations is the best thing that could have happened.