Artist Spotlight: Christina Grimmie

By Madyson McGill

Earlier this year, the music industry lost one of its talented musicians and rising stars: Christina Grimmie. Her music touched almost anyone who listened to it, and her voice was taken away too soon. She was only 22 when she lost her life.

Grimmie was destined to be a star from a young age. Her love for music was apparent by the age of four. By the age of ten, she played the piano, and by her early teens, she began to post covers of songs on YouTube. Her melodic voice and positive personality gained her a loyal following of fans. In one video, Grimmie told fans, “My goal in my career is to inspire people, is to get my music out there and have people enjoy it, and have people think of me as an inspirational artist.” She did just that.

In 2011, she released her first EP, Find Me, which reached No. 2 on iTunes. After the release, she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her dreams. This lead to her traveling the world while opening for Selena Gomez on two consecutive U.S. tours. She also performed on a number of tours overseas. In 2013, she released her debut album, With Love, which featured upbeat songs like “Tell My Mama” and “Get Yourself Together,” as well as a variety of beautiful ballads like “I Bet You Don’t Curse God.” She made grounds after she blew the judges away when she performed “Wrecking Ball” on The Voice. She had not one but all four of them trying to persuade her to join their teams. She worked hard during the show and made it to the final three. After her time on the show, she continued to sing, write, and perform, maintaining a strong connection with her fans.

There was so much left for fans to hear from this promising young star. Grimmie’s friends and family knew her the best, but during her time on this earth she adored her fans, and strengthened her music so she could share what she loved with everyone else. Even after her passing, her voice lives on. A four-part video series for her EP Side A was released on her YouTube channel titled, “The Ballad of Jessica Blue, beautifully commemorating her memory. Her brother, Marcus Grimmie, told friends and family at her funeral service that “when the gunman came… her arms were open. That’s how she treated everyone she knew, her arms were open for them.” Grimmie accepted everyone with open arms, and had an abundance of talent to share. She touched a large amount of people, and her light and love for all will be missed.