Opinion: The Chainsmokers

By Madyson McGill

The Chainsmokers have come a long way since their breakout hit “Selfie,” back in 2014.  Right now, they couldn’t get closer to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as their hit song “Closer,” featuring alternative-pop princess Halsey, is already there and has been for six weeks. Their other hit song “Don’t Let Me Down” is also up there in the top 10. Made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, The Chainsmokers are quickly becoming a pair of the biggest pop stars in America. Drew Taggart is the producer, songwriter, and vocal pipes of the duo. Alex Pall is the DJ, art director, and mastermind behind the collaborations. They may collaborate with other artists but their electronic dance music is all their own. Also, Pall and Taggart play all the instruments on their records. Taggart has been playing drums for years, and played guitar for five years, and he’s been producing so much that he learned how to play the piano.

What happens to the track after they’ve recorded it? They simply play around with the sound on their laptops. The unique sounds listeners hear on the tracks are Pall and Taggart doing just that: sitting making sounds. In an interview with ABC News, Taggart said he spent about an hour with a mic just going “tock.” It makes one curious as to what they’re cooking up for the future. The downside to laptops and keeping everything on them is they eventually betray you and crash; the dynamic duo have lost a number of songs. They actually lost the hit “Don’t Let Me Down” and had to remake it from scratch. Yes, even celebrities have computer problems. Let’s hope they don’t lose their next big hit.

These boys are taking the industry by storm. “Closer” will be their third song to go double-platinum in 2016 alone. It follows “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” and they aren’t stopping there. They’ve even dethroned Calvin Harris as the king of the Hot Dance Songs chart. The New York natives sold out Red Rocks four months ago. They’ve even got artists and bands that have been in the business for some time knocking on their door. Artists like Linkin Park, Big Sean, and Weezer all want to collaborate. Speaking of collaborations, they’ve recently released their next bittersweet tune, “All We Know,” featuring Phoebe Ryan. Only time will tell if it will knock their current number one hit out of the top spot. One thing is for sure: this isn’t the last we’ve heard from The Chainsmokers.