Artist Spotlight: With Confidence

By Caroline Meister

In the past few years, there has been a massive shift in the music business, with a larger number of international artists finding their footing amongst many American artists. This trend is no exception in the case of With Confidence, a pop punk band hailing from Sydney, Australia. In fact, Australia has been quite instrumental in churning out musical acts recently, specifically in the genre of pop punk (see 5 Seconds of Summer and Tonight Alive). With Confidence is comprised of Jayden Seeley (lead vocals), Joshua Brozzesi (drums), Inigo Del Carmen (backing vocals, guitar), and Luke Rockets (guitar), all of whom are in their mid-twenties. The foursome have been together since 2012, with the exception of Rockets, who joined the band in 2014 when original guitarist Samuel Haynes left the band.

In their early years, they not only toured with 5 Seconds of Summer, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, You Me at Six, Tonight Alive, and Mariana’s Trench but also released two EP’s, Youth and Distance. Their popularity skyrocketed after they signed to pop punk powerhouse Hopeless Records, home to pop punk royalty along the likes of All Time Low, Neck Deep, Yellowcard, and Sum 41. After signing, they released their first debut album, Better Weather, which shot to the 18th spot on the Australian iTunes charts the same day of its release. Their overall sound can only be described as a mix of a young All Time Low with the pure pop roots that 5 Seconds of Summer has recently popularized, pleasing a large variety of music lovers everywhere. My top picks off their three releases are, in no particular order: “Waterfall” (Better Weather), “Long Night” (Better Weather), “London Lights” (Distance), “Godzilla” (Distance), and “Tonight” (Youth). If they continue at this speed, With Confidence will truly live up to their name.