Review: Weezer’s White Album

By: Louie Wieseman

Ladies and gentlemen, it has happened. It has taken 20 years, but it has finally happened. Weezer has put out an album that can appease both new and old fans, a feat that they have been struggling with since the release of the Green Album in 2001. Every album release Weezer has we hear the same thing. “This isn’t enough like Blue Album or Pinkerton!” First off those complaints are stupid because Red Album and Hurley are valiant efforts towards this crowd. Second, God forbid a band change its sound! But, thankfully with Weezer’s new album self titled and nicknamed White Album to keep with the theme appease both crowds.

Before the album was even released five singles were released. They were Thank God For Girls, Do You Wanna Get High?, King of the World, L.A. Girlz, and California Kids. Each got an accompanying video, too. These are easily the best five songs off of the album, but that isn’t said to undermine the other five tracks on the album. The whole record is very solid to listen through with only a dip or two.

Now, as I have mentioned, fans of Weezer can’t seem to shut up about how Pinkerton isn’t just rereleased every time they put out an album. Frankly, as this point it’s annoying. But, they’re still there, and thank God this album can finally put some of these complaints to rest. Hurley and Everything Will Be Alright In The End started to move back towards this sound and lyricism that fans fell in love with when they first started as a in the mid-90s. “Do You Wanna Get High?” sounds like a long lost B-side to Pinkerton that could’ve been left off and put on their disbanded project Songs From The Black Hole.

The comparison in the old-school sound that fans clamor for between White Album and EWBAITE comes from the attempt in going for that sound. EWBAITE just said to me “Okay fine, here’s your Pinkerton sound.” While White Album was more careful in crafting the whole album together to make it seem like they weren’t trying as hard to appease old, jaded fans.

Okay, that’s enough talk about Pinkerton, let’s talk about this new released. The album starts with an initial beach theme that the videos, sans “Thank God For Girls”, also follow. The cover of the album is even Weezer in front of a lifeguard station. It’s all a very west coast vibe that they’re trying convey.

It’s hard to explain the meaning the album has. Rivers Cuomo has struggled with love in his older tracks, but now it seems he’s struggling in growing up. “L.A. Girlz” features the line “L.A. girls, please act your age.” repeatedly throughout the song. “King of the World” shows his struggles of when he felt like he was on top of his own world. While Rivers is definitely happier in his older age, that doesn’t mean he can still sing about heartbreak in one way or another. ‘I just want this summer to end ‘ is the hardest hitting line in (per usual) very emotional final track of the album, “Endless Bummer.”

White Album is wonderful since it’s the old sound that fans want from when Rivers was younger, but now with a more mature undertone to it all. White Album is everything I have been waiting for from Weezer. It’s new mixing with the old. 34 minutes of pure Weezer bliss.

Rating: 5/5