Artist Spotlight: Lukas Graham

By: Madyson McGill

Lukas Graham Forchhammer grew up in the center of Copenhagen in a neighborhood called Christiania. They didn’t have a police force or streetlights, and only a handful of residents had personal bathrooms and running water. Graham’s friends don’t have the cleanest records and he lost his dad in 2012. These subjects are reflected in Lukas Graham’s self-titled album.

Lukas Graham may be named after their frontman, but there are actually three other people; Mark “Lovesick” Falgren on drums, Kasper Daugaard on keys, and Magnus “Magnum” Larsson on bass. They all come together to perfect their craft of funky pop and R&B style. The Danish quartet have had a few years of stardom in Denmark, and after receiving rave reviews across Europe and gaining international exposure, Warner Bros. Records signed them in 2013.

In 2012 they released their first album, another self-titled effort that included “Drunk in the Morning,” which was a hit throughout Europe and made its way onto their new album which was released in the US just last Friday on April 1st. They have another album nicknamed the “Blue Album” that they released in late 2015. But it’s with their hit ballad “7 Years” that Lukas Graham began to make waves. It currently sits on the Billboard’s Hot 100, a welcome change from other singles on the chart. Graham wasn’t looking to be on the Hot 100 with a Hot 100 song. Graham wanted to be to be on the Hot 100 with “7 Years”. A track inspired by his father’s death, growing up and aging. It resonated with fans, as relatable ballad. Everyone can relate to a memory.

Graham way inspired by classical music, the Beatles and the Stones, as well as the Prodigy and Dr. Dre. His role models were his parents, and he reflects his love through songs like “7 Years,” and “Mama Said,”. The album itself is like listening to a story. Through rhyme and soulful delivery Graham tells listeners his tale of family strife, regretful decisions, but also the tale of celebrating life. This album is just a page in Lukas Graham’s success story.