Review: Younger Season 2 Finale

By: Desiree Williams

After Thad’s untimely death, the season two finale opened with a funeral…and a twist. Who else would say the eulogy but Thad’s twin brother, Chad? Surprise!

Apparently Chad and Thad didn’t get along which is why Kelsey (Hillary Duff) never told Liza (Sutton Foster) he existed. Although Thad won’t be back, actor Dan Amboyer will get to stick around.

To add to the surprises, Josh (Nico Tortorella) shows up at the funeral as well. What better way to see your ex again than at a funeral, right? Somehow it worked for Josh and Liza because they ended up back at his place to “be sad together.” Unfortunately, the reunion ends on an awkward note when Josh’s current girlfriend shows up to his place, forcing Liza to sneak out the back.

Once she returns to work, Chad shows up with security footage from the building near Thad’s death. It shows Liza and Thad fighting which causes Kelsey to question again why Liza was there. Liza finally tells some of the truth by explaining she was there to get Thad to tell Kelsey he cheated. Instead of appreciating the friendly gesture, Kelsey lashes out and all but blames Liza for Thad’s death.

After that heated argument, Liza tells her editor Diana (Miriam Shor) that she will be leaving Empirical because she has a better offer somewhere else. Elsewhere turns out to be a retail store in a New Jersey mall. Charles (Peter Hermann) is the only one who ventures there to convince Liza to come back. After giving her some food for thought, he leaves her with a kiss.

Liza is shocked by the kiss, but more than happy to return to Empirical. She and Kelsey patch things up and all seems to be going well. That is until Liza walks home to find Josh on her doorstep, professing his love and saying he is ready to give their relationship one more shot.

Now Liza will have to choose, Josh or Charles. Who are you rooting for?