This Week’s Bachelor Recap

By: John Van Dam

With crazy amounts of drama, backstabbing gossip, and plenty of personalities, this season of “The Bachelor” has not disappointed so far. We have our bachelor, Ben Higgins from Warsaw, Indiana, who started with 28 women and has now gotten down to his significant six. It is hard to tell who will stay and who will go in the future episodes but I will say it has been pretty easy to tell who will go in the previous episodes. Lets begin with a couple memorable ladies who are now gone, but not forgotten.

Olivia: We all knew that Olivia was crazy and the fact that she made it as far as she did is astounding. Her over the top personality and manipulative ways caused a lot of commotion in the house alone. It was stressful and painful to see Ben not notice her evil side while all of the other ladies were constantly facing Olivia’s wrath first hand. I almost jumped for joy when Ben said his now famous line “I can’t reciprocate those feeling for you” after Olivia said she loved him. It was like a movie ending leaving her on the beach the way the show did and karma was in full effect.

Jubilee: It was a shame the way Jubilee went out. She was so nice and innocent that it hurt to see the girls of the house target her and basically get her kicked off the show. She was extremely honest with Ben when she opened up about her family and her childhood that it seemed like she and Ben had a real connection. The sad part of the show is that feelings do get involved. Jubilee could not handle the jealousy that come with being on a love show with 20+ other girls and eventually caused her demise.

With Ben being down to six left at this point, there are a few that seem to have better chances than others to move forward to next week. Here is who I think Ben will pick to be his final two after the hometown visit.

Lauren B: She may not be my absolute favorite, but it would be almost ignorant to think that she doesn’t already have this in the bag. She gets the most attention from Ben and he seems to play a little bit of favoritism towards her. She gets movie-like dates while all of the other girls get to sit in hot tubs. She seems confident and she has every right to be. Ben could basically end the show now and propose to her and I would not be shocked what so ever.

Caila: Caila is the winner in my eyes. She is crazy nice, almost too nice, and genuine that it would be dumb for Ben not to pick her over the others. She seems to care whole heartedly about Ben and his feelings and their connection is easily detectable. If Ben is as smart as I think he can be, he would choose Caila to propose to in the end and wrap up this great season.