Review: Yellow Claw & Flux Pavilion’s “Catch Me”

By: Patrick Doss

Crossing genre lines is almost always a tricky concept to master when you are producing music. Sometimes like in the case of Eminem & Dido‘s 2000 hit Stan, the combination of two completely different artists works perfectly. However, as is the case with Dutch trap producing group Yellow Claw, and British Dubstep producer Flux Pavilion, their new release “Catch Me”, proves that some collaborations can be less than ideal.

I was quite excited when I first heard that these two sides were going to create a track together. I have been listening to Yellow Claw since the release of their bootleg of Gotye’s 2011 hit Somebody that I Used to Know, and I have been listening to Flux Pavilion since the release of his monstrous hit I Can’t Stop in 2010.

The track certainly isn’t bad, with the vocals from Dutch singer Naaz being very enjoyable. Naaz’s voice paces the song, and her constant repetition “Promise that You’ll Catch Me” is going to be stuck in your head for hours after you listen to it. That being said, the song is less than three minutes long, and the quick ending leaves you feeling rather unsatisfied. Overall, “Catch Me” isn’t a terrible song, but it certainly won’t be experiencing many repeats after its first listen.

Rating: 2.5/5