Opinion: A Rebirth of Rock n’ Roll

By: John Van Dam

After Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, The Arctic Monkeys, and many other incredible, modern, british sounds, London’s newest musical gift takes us back to a more glamorous and edgy attitude. The new, must-see, british band is The Struts. The band consists of four members, each bringing different styles and personalities to the stage. Jed Elliot slapping the bass and jumping around on the stage gets everyone hype and excited about the show, while Gethin Davies aggressively pounding the drums will make every woman, and some men, shake their booties. On lead, and only, guitar, Adam Slack shreds the chorus, riffs, and solos while being a great side-kick stage presence to the main man himself. That man, is Luke Spiller.

With three outfit changes and a face full of glitter, Luke takes us back in time to a modernized look of an 80’s glam rock concert. Spiller could be described as the love child of Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, and a little bit of Mick Jagger thrown into the mix. The band actually got their name from the way Spillar ‘struts’ around on stage. The Struts play modern glam rock n’ roll with pop-esque drum beats, a steady bass line, face melting guitar riffs, and flamboyant attitudes. The band got almost all of their influence from Queen and Aerosmith.

After seeing The Struts in a sold out show in St. Louis, it was easy to tell why this band is such a sudden hot commodity. Outside of their fantastic music, their live show is a whole event itself. Between one of their songs, Spillar separated his crowd like Moses did the Red Sea. He walked through the parted crowd and began a sing-off; one half of the crowd vs. the other half. He orchestrated this event so beautifully that he left the crowd craving for more intimate live concert connections.

This is a mandatory request to check out The Struts. They only have a hand full of songs but with their success so far, there’s no telling how big they can become.

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