Opinion: New Weezer Releases

By: Louie Wieseman

Weezer is one of the few bands that I consistently get excited for when new music comes out. What I’m surprised about is how quickly they came out with two singles back to back after Everything Will Be Alright in the End’s release in late 2014. That album was alright (see old review) in terms of Weezer albums, but so far the two new tracks have already blown that album out of the water.

The first single “Thank God For Girls” is a very different sound from Weezer. Their use of lots of piano with fast paced lyrics would come as a surprise for many fans of the band. I’m certainly not complaining. I think it’s a very fun song! The best part of the song is that Rivers Cuomo annotated the lyrics on genius.com, a website for users to decipher song lyrics. Some annotations are serious and some are small jokes. Some of them even give history of lines that are almost 20 years old! In a way, it fits Weezer’s image of geekiness.

Their second single I think excited many Weezer fans. They truly got something they’ve been asking for since the release of Pinkerton: more songs that sound like they are from Pinkerton! “Do You Wanna Get High” sounds like a b-side to Pinkerton that never got released on the deluxe edition a few years ago. Once again the song’s lyrics are featured on genius.com, but this time they take a look at Rivers’ past with possible drug problems. These issues are more than cleared up now, but it appears that the lyrics of “Do You Wanna Get High?” have deeper meaning in them.

Overall, I’m more than excited for a new Weezer album. They’ve had some great albums recently, specifically Red Album and Hurley. Now we wait for a release date….