Switched at Birth: Top 5 Questions After Season 4 Finale

     By Desiree Williams

     It seemed like all loose ends were tied up, but the season 4 finale of Switched at Birth ended with a twist. Here are 5 questions audiences need answered next season.

  1. Are Bay and Travis together?

     Travis (Ryan Lane) surprised everyone by renting out space for Bay’s (Vanessa Marano) first real art show. Once Bay realized she didn’t earn the show, she got upset. Travis tried explaining why he did it, but he couldn’t explain without confessing his love for her. Travis followed Bay outside and he kissed her for the first time. Bay doesn’t back away, and even said later that it wasn’t a bad kiss. Could this be the new romance of Season 5?

  1. Will Mingo and Daphne get back together?

     Daphne (Katie Leclerc) got accepted to a summer program in China, but Quinn (Dan Johnson), her old flame from Mexico, would be her boss. Mingo (Adam Hagenbuch) wasn’t happy about that and there were a couple of intense arguments between the boys. In the end, Mingo wanted Daphne to have the experience, so he decided that they should take a break during the summer. The end of the finale shows Daphne still in China after 10 months. So, did she ever go home? Did she try to be with Mingo again?

  1. Are John and Kathryn still in financial trouble?

     After their financial advisor failed them earlier in the season, John (D.W. Moffett) and Kathryn (Lea Thompson) struggled all season, with money and marriage. They lied to their kids and argued constantly. They finally hired a new advisor, but they were in so deep and they had to decide how to get out of their hole. Could they come to an agreement?

  1. Have we seen the last of Eric?

     All Eric (Terrell Tilford) ever does is run away, hoping to keep Will, his son, away from his drug abusing mother. Yet he met Regina (Constance Marie), and it looked like he could finally stop running. In the finale, Eric even agreed to move to Atlanta and work on parenting with his ex-wife. But, he changed his mind at the last second, grabbing Will (Sayeed Shahidi) and running again, which left Regina crying alone at home. Will Eric ever come back to Regina?

  1. Why do Bay and Daphne need to rush home?

     After 10 months in China, Bay is now a tattoo artist and Daphne is helping children at a medical center. It all seems to be going well. All we see is Bay answer a call that forces her to rush to Daphne and tell her they need to go home right way. What could possibly be so bad that they need to rush home?

     Switched at Birth has officially been renewed and will return to ABC Family for a fifth season.