American Horror Story: Connected?

By Austin Keller

        Fans of American Horror Story have long speculated that the anthological series may not be as separate as first presumed. Four seasons later, and they stand correct. Series creator Ryan Murphy has dished that every season is connected to some degree. With current season Hotel promising to continue the trend established in Freak Show, fans are eager to see how the seasons collide. Theories range from very plausible to far-reaching, normal to downright bizarre, and elaborate to simplistic. So, How do the seasons connect?

     What we know: Last year, fans of American Horror Story were shocked when Pepper from Asylum returned for Freak Show. Pepper was the first character ever to have a direct connection between two seasons. Episodes later, you learn that Elsa, from Freak Show, had her legs sawed off by Asylum’s Dr. Arden. So far in Hotel, we saw Marcy the realtor from Murder House make an appearance.

     Theory #1: Madison Montgomery from Coven is related to Charles and Nora Montgomery from Murder House. This theory is the most logical, as the characters have the same last name. The Montgomery’s lived in the 1920s in LA, and Madison is a movie star from LA. Descendants?

     Theory #2: In Freak Show we saw Dandy visit a therapist for his mental instability. However, the therapist remained faceless. This speculated a massive theory that Dr. Oliver Thredson from Asylum could be his therapist. In Asylum, Thredson dealt with handling mental instabilities.

     Theory #3: In Murder House Vivien arranged plans to travel to Florida so she could give birth to her child. Freak Show takes place in Florida. Does Viven’s maiden name tie in to the connections? Definitely farfetched, but anything is possible in Murphy’s gothic world.

     Theory #4: This theory claims that Murder House, Asylum and Coven all have one massive character connection. Why? The three seasons all have ties to Massachusetts. The Harmons move from Massachusetts to LA. Asylum takes place in Massachusetts, and in Coven, it was established that they fled Massachusetts after the Salem with trials. With many seasons having origins in one location, it wouldn’t be too crazy to think they interconnect at some point.

     Theory #5: The Infantata was one of the most terrifying creatures we’ve seen on American Horror Story. Created from a dismembered baby, the Infantata is an immortal, bloodsucking creature. On Hotel, we learn that immortality and the need for blood is possible if you contract hemophilia. The theory states that The Countess from Hotel stopped by the “murder house” in the 1920s attempting to have a shady abortion from Charles Montgomery. The process would’ve been very bloody. Her blood then could’ve been used by Charles to make his son come back alive, for all of eternity.

     Murphy stated that around episode 6, characters from past seasons will be returning. This leads to a broad amount of possibilities, extensions of other seasons and fun ways to have long-remaining questions answered. Since American Horror Story is relentless, any connection is bound to be incredibly dark and fun to watch.