Review: Listopad

By: Patrick Doss

I have always maintained an interest in the fall of communism throughout eastern Europe, and when I was made aware of the story line of Listopad, a 2014 film directed by Gary Griffin, and Josef Lustig, I immediately wanted to see it. The film did not disappoint.

The story follows the true story of three teenage friends who witness the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia. The boys are named Petr, Jiri, and Ondrej, and they each use their own talents to contribute to the Velvet Revolution, a revolution throughout Czechoslavakia that took place in November and December of 1989.

The characters are all incredibly unique individuals. Petr is a great hockey player, Jiri, a young man with a passion for illegal albums, and Ondrej, a talented artist. The young men each grow significantly throughout the late autumn revolution, and they develop a burning desire for freedom. Seeing their establishment of an interest in the politics of their country is certainly something wonderful to witness. At the beginning of the film, the three boys are nothing more than immature high schoolers. However, at the conclusion, the three have clearly learned a lot about both their government and fellow man.

The film does an absolutely spectacular job at switching between animation and live action. The animations are actually done by Ondrej Rudavsky, who is potrayed in the film by Czech actor Pavel Richta. The beautifully artistic style of Listopad is something that many audiences need to experience, and overall the film was a truly spectacular work of art.

Anybody with even the slightest interest in history is encouraged to see this great cinematic work. Listopad is incredibly enjoyable and informative on a subject that many are unaware of.

Rating: 4/5