Reign Season 3: Death Confirmed

||| Laurie McCarthy announces plans for King Francis. |||
     By Desiree Williams

     Fans are used to seeing the beautiful clan of royals in France, but someone will be missing by the end of Reign’s 3rd season.

     Whether fans watched the season premiere or not, they may have seen this coming. Reign is based on the true story of Mary Queen of Scots, but the plot has strayed from history already. After viewers found out last season that the King never truly healed from his illness, no one was sure when, or if, he would die like he did in real life. Unfortunately, it seems that is an aspect of history that must be told on the show.

     Reign producer Laurie McCarthy announced last Thursday that King Francis (Toby Regbo) will die this season. McCarthy told EW that she felt his death was such an important part of history, and Mary’s story, that she could not change it just for the show. Instead of feeling blindsided by this twist, she wants fans to enjoy the sweet moments between King Francis and Queen Mary (Adelaide Kane) while they last.

     By the end of the season, Mary could be left without a husband or an heir. What will this mean for the Queen and her reign? Watch Reign on the CW every Friday at 8pm to see the story unfold.